How they manufactured so much of their "vaccine" in record time reveals maybe an even worse finding for everyone

Oh dear… but first, the logistics alone have always been startling no?

How did they manufacture so much material?

Why they used bacteria to manufacture the mRNA. Ok. Is that true?

  • Why was there an initial need for specially constructed refrigerated facilities at teh distribution centres?
  • This suggested they had it pre-manufactured and it may have been stored in a very deep freeze, if that is even possible.

The VIDEO - Dr. Christina Parks

  • Bacteria used to create the mRNA
  • Suggest unvaccinated are picking up spike producing bacteria in their own gut form the vaccinated

…they did not clean out all that bacterial plasmid DNA… one researcher said as much as 30% of the genetic material is this plasmid that has the DNA for the spike protein… among the vaccinated…especially their gut bacteria took in this plasmid tells it to make this spike protein that contaminated all of the pfizer vaccines… the vaccinated are probably going to be breathing out their gut bacteria, going to the bath room… wherever they are they gonna have gut bacteria with this plasmid that’s making this spike protein… so for them in there intestinal systems most likely extremely compromised… the spike protein is highly inflammatory… they’re going so spread their wonderful bacteria that have this plasmid that’s making this spike protein with us… and so anecdotally I know a lot of practitioners who are unvaccinated that are really struggling with gut problem really struggling with health problems… that works with the vaccinated… so the vaccinated is going to share this bacteria that has this plasmid that;s making the spike protein with us and basically we’re in a way being vaccinated or being given this bio-weapon inadvertently and it’s going to be growing in our guts… so we really need to focus on our gut health…

Longer video and talk about the hijacking of E.Coli to produce the protein spike.

These exchange in the air business, goes right back to the two Californian docs who raised this reality virtually day one of lockdowns with regards exosomes exchange and their video disappeared nearly as quick. :thinking:

More on the plasmids with Bhakdi