'How to beat the Banks'- Sunday Indo 01/09/13

Just seen an ad for tomorrow’s Sunday Indo…it’s all about those in mortgage arrears and how they can ‘beat’ the banks.
The banks in the ad are painted as cowboys


How much mental and financial resources are being wasted by all parties in this circus?
Presuming the banking side is funded ultimately by our taxes - this must be as much of a drain as SW scams or some of the pensioner allowances at this stage!
Some of the defaulters, strategic or otherwise, must be stretching whatever funds they have as well.
What is this all costing?

Are you saying the banks are not cowboys?

Nope, not saying that at all

We, the taxpayer, are the banks so we’d only be beating ourselves. I suppose we Irish always did love the aul Catholic self-flagellation so lets all follow the Sindo charge to ‘beat the banks’ so we can beat ourselves. But no, wait, not all of us partied and not all of us owe the banks sums of money and now want to ‘beat the banks’. Beating the banks it seems is populist rhetoric for strategic defaulting.

Thank god I was away on holidays when this rag was publishing this rubbish.