How to fix the Pension crisis?

What children / grandchildren? With housing costs as they are, people are having less kids. Single people working long hours have less energy & time to think about finding a partner, can’t afford a child unless they do. Perhaps not even a house. Couples who need two incomes will have only one or two children as any more become financially difficult.

Unless you just say to hell with the rat race & go on welfare or low-cost off-grid kind of living.

Just my thoughts, I imagine others have different perspectives.


You are absolutely right. Going full Japanese style with more than a hint of third world

Of course it still sets precedent to work till 70 with or without kids. Id still wager the long term result will be everyone eventually needing too. Those who cant or wont will be punished financially. Its already begun

Ireland is going to leave a third world nation for the third worlders its replacing itself with

Nonsense. If you want to think long term, the main thing is to stop people breeding so quickly.

Ireland already has a below replacement birth rate

I think you mean, stop importing people.

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No, I mean stop people breeding as much, everywhere, worldwide.

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Well, exactly. European countries are not creating this issue, and Europeans should not be punished for it, by losing their homelands, their way of life, and their quality of life.

It is said that the World population will hit 8bn people in November. This is up from 4bn in 1974.

Of course, most of this increase is due to the activities of Africa, China, India, Bangladesh etc.

We need these people to take responsibility for their actions. Own it.


Yeah but I’d rather die Irish, if you know what I mean.

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This is going to turn out to be some boondoggle for the vested interests in this country. I read only 4 funds are going to be offered so you can be sure that the your money is going to be channeled into ESG scams and junk grade government bonds. When the Irish economy hits the skids and your pot has been decimated you’ll be asked to cough up again and share the burden.

no thanks, I will stick with the shiny stuff that I can stuff under the mattress.

Launch of the Final Design Principles of an Automatic Enrolment (AE) Retirement Savings System for Ireland

Strange, it says the final design phase is being published but the only links in that page are to the March 2022 docs…

Friend last week attended a pension fund conference. She was amazed that everyone seemed keen to speak about environment, social and goverance alongside diversity and compliance. No one really spoke about making the clients any money.

Maybe more ESG and diversity will fix the pension crisis?