How to raise small temp loan against owned property?

Hey there, I’m not sure if I’m in the right place but was wondering if any of you guys could help me out.

I have an apartment in Donegal which I own outright and the deeds are with my solicitor, but I’m needing to raise a small loan of €2,000 asap, given that the banks have pretty much cut all loans and are not an option, does anybody know of anyone who would offer a loan over a short period of time, repaid by late sept, conditions etc negotiable, my apartment deeds can be given as security, all very genuine…

Any help much appreciated

Credit union are still giving small loans.

Shouldn’t need the apartment as security.

Are you speaking about your personal situation or banks in general? If you have repayment capacity and a clear credit history then your bank should be able to facilitate you with a €2k loan.

Do you have a credit card, if your limit allows could you not use that?

Unfortunately I never joined a credit union, yea speaking generally but also of my own experience with banks, unfortunately no credit cards I got rid of them a while back, loan against property seems the only viable, and quickest, way if anybody’s willing to do it. If anyone knows who might be able to do this, it would be much appreciated!

I can’t see any bank taking collateral over a property for such a relatively small loan.
The cost alone of collateralising the asset would not make it worth their while.

Nor do they just give out loans based solely upon an asset.
It comes down to your income and how comfortable the bank feel with you repaying the loan.

Just-spin, lending is decided primarily on the basis of repayment capacity and that is determined on the basis of your income. Are you in employment at the moment? If you’re earning a salary and it’s mandated into a bank account, your account operates ok with no unpaids, your credit history is clean, you should get a bank loan of €2k easily enough. If you have a problem with any of these then you probably won’t get a loan and it won’t matter if you offered up an apartment for collateral. Application and approval should take 48 hours at worst.