How to send Bulk e-mail outs, advice wanted.

I haven’t looked at GMAIL’s facility for this if they have one but does anyone have any recommendations for software or services to send out bulk mails, hundreds.

AFAIK if you do something like that via most mail servers its seen as spam thus you need to route it through cleared untainted providers so it doesn’t get caught, stopped or flagged as SPAM.

If I have it wrong wrong please correct, all advise greatly appreciated.

Thanks. OW

I use - its free up to 1000 subscribers and 6000 e-mails per month.
its provides a lot of help with avoiding getting flagged as spam. You do need to confirm that the people on your list have verified that you can send them e-mails. Also a wide range of e-mail address imports available and has some good reports on your e-mail “campaigns” - how many bounces, opens etc. You can write simple text e-mails or html or both. I’ve used it on an ongoing basis for a couple of years now for an on-line community I run.

for legit marketing I’ve received a few things from “Constant Contact”

I’ve seen articles about it make sure there’s an opt out to avoid people manually flagging it as Spam;

Constant Contact usually has it

Have a look at NoIPmail it may be of use to you.

I do this for a 500 ish member list with infrequent postings using a listserv but am thinking of switching to something like teamer for the self service updating and the integration of text ing. Haven’t had a chance to complete my research so any advice welcome.

Planning something OW ?

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you can try mailchimp , they can allow you to send few hundred emails for free , BUT please bear in mind that they wont send to addresses starting with : info , sales, admin mail…even if you have a paid plan , or you can try campaing monitor , they will send any email you have , if you have thousands of emails then they will need to know your message, how did you get the emails…but for few hudred there is no problem , both sites have many features ,good templates , reasonable prices ,delivery reports . good luck

Be careful, OW, under certain circumstances, sending unsolicited electronic communications is illegal.

Blue Horseshoe

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I’ve often thought of doing this - @Blue Horseshoe they can do sweet f**k all because of different policies in different countries regarding the internet!

It is trying to be changed but not much has been done!