Howlin angrily pushes camera away as he is confronted

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I think is is very interesting, it will be viewed initially at any rate by a younger audience who may be more “motivated” as a result. Will it ever make the 9pm news

Wow. The stupidity of the oxygen thieves on knows no bounds.

Vincent Salafia, is that the Hill of Tara and Carrickmines roads guy?

Is the point about the statute of limitations a valid one?

I have to say they have done a great job tidying up the Glen of the Downs. I am sure the traffic noise is much reduced. I haven’t examined the M3 from every angle but yet to see the massive intrusion in the landscape. Maybe I am a complete philistine but have the predictions of these characters ever materialised?

Meh, he is no Prescott
Fair play to vincent.

Statute of Limitations in Ireland. The time period usually starts from the date of knowledge of the potential cause of action. Don’t forget the grim reaper, the powers that used to be are rather hoping that age takes care of Michael Fingleton and his knowledge concerning the great and good are buried with him.

It’s very telling that the immediate run-up to the confrontation has been edited out.

Howlin should have kicked him up and down Merrion row.

I thought Howlins’ restraint was admirable. What an annoying pair of know-it-all twats!

My sympathies are with Mr Howlin, although personally I think I’d fall about the place laughing if I was accosted by a cameraman representing an organisation called “Rage against the Regime”.

Not for fraud or other serious criminal matters. For civil cases, yes.

The amazing thing here is it takes two groups to accost a minister of Howlin’s stature with a small camera.

“So, what are we going to call ourselves?”
“Let’s call ourselves ‘Rage Against the Regime’!”
“No, that’s a dumb name. Let’s be ‘Dublin Says No’!”
“Not a chance. If we’re called ‘Rage Against the Regime’ we can shorten it to RAR, and that sounds a bit like ‘rawr’, y’know the noise that lions make! Rawr! Rawr!”
“Yeah but ‘Dublin Says No’ has all the heritage of the unionists and Ulster and everyone takes you more seriously when you say things with a northern accent.”
“But ‘Rage Against the Regime’ sounds like Rage Against the Machine, that band from LA who do the heavy metal rapping stuff. And they were on the soundtrack to the Matrix - the first one before the story began to suck.”
“People will make fun of us if we’re called Rage Against the Machine, er, Regime.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake. Lookit, you be ‘Dublin Says No’ and I’ll be ‘Rage Against the Regime’. Deal?”
“Okay, deal!” Let’s go to Merrion Street!"
“Rawr! Rawr!”


Howlin looks like such a thug. He has had it so comfortable for so long now that he has become just another part of the problem.

I read that as stature of limitations. :blush:

I don’t know what video you were watching.

Howlin is about 5’ 4". Some thug.

The one where he’s walking down Merrion St Upper with his minder and he looks like he wants to swing a left haymaker and break the citizen’s head.

Did they try to contact Howlin via letter/email with their questions before the doorstepping?

IMHO, doorstepping & internet mob reaction does not make good journalism.