Howlin hopes boom-bust cycle is over!

I like this quaint headline from RTE.

“Howlin hopes boom-bust cycle is over”

If it is true he demonstrates a gross misunderstanding of economics and economic cycles. Economies have bankrupted themselves fighting against the inevitable. It would be better not to fight and have the government run counter cyclical polices and not stoke fires to make the peeks bigger and resulting lows lower.

Bless the ignorant Irish.

Do you think if Scotland votes for independence London would take us instead?

London were convinced they’d broken boom-bust cycles in 2007… their reputation for economic mismanagement probably surpasses ours…

In fairness, Gordon Brown (a Scot no less) said much the same thing: … wn.economy

Maybe he was offloading some of his old speech notes on ebay and Brendan picked them up?


The cycle of boom and bust is over, and the country will just trundle along with medium-high unemployment, high taxation, high house price inflation, expensive but nevertheless inadequate public services, a small industrial base, and a heavy dependence on foreign capital?

Sorted so, thanks Brendan.

Does one kind of boom count as a cycle?

I stopped at the word “Hope”.

Someone should take this up with him.