HSE didn't get the memo ...

Obviously the message about living within our means hasn’t reached the HSE big-wigs.

Three new National Directorships are advertized in today’s irish times, renumeration comensurate with seniority.

Which is public service code for “salary will be enormous, pension likewise”.

Aren’t they already plagued with a huge surplus of useless managers?

Yes, but ever the optimists they’ll keep hiring more in the hope of getting a few good ones.

The ironic thing is one of the 3 lottery-winners, sorry new-hires, is gonna be director of planning and performance.

The only thing that could possibly improve performance in the HSE is massive firings, not more hiring.

And I’m not talking about a couple of heads-must-roll type of sarcrificial lambs, I’m talking right across the board.

The sooner they put MOL in charge the better!

What makes you think they’ll be new hires?

Chances are they’ll be internal candidates.

Yeah I forgot about the old “we’re legally obliged to advertize but don’t bother applying as its already stitched up” trick.

In a sense that’s almost a worse option. Upside: it only costs the taxpayer the delta between the existing HSE managers’ salary and a director-level salary. Downside: they’re going to be already tainted by the culture of cynicism/ineptitude/nepotism/union-appeasement.

Downside outweighs upside methinks. At least a new-hire from outside the public service might have a short honeymoon period before succumbing to the malaise.

No that’s not what I was implying. The HSE employs a huge proportion of everyone with any experience of healthcare in Ireland. There may be many suitable candidates for the job, but the chances are that everyone of those suitable candidates who is already resident in Ireland is already working for the HSE. If it was a UK position the same could be said of the NHS.

I seem to remember that before they appointed Brendan Drumm to the top job they had hoped to get another Irish guy who was working in the U.K. Apparently he was very highly regarded.He turned the job down. I’d love to know why.

Anybody who wants the top job in the HSE does not have a full grasp of the facts and should therefore be disqualified from applying.

Simple - Not enough Doctors!!

It always amazes me that this country can produce as many engineers as we want but are highly restrictive on the amount of medical places.

Whoever addresses this problem will get my vote…

That’s not even 1% of the problem.

Try and tell that to someone who is waiting in emergency for 5 hours just to be seen…

Just because a patient sitting in emergency perceives a problem doesn’t mean they perceive it accurately.

Hmmm, I estimate it to be 2.563% of the problem.
Anyone hear how they are saving money in the HSE by making junior doctors work longer for no extra pay and removing training grants from them too. Charming eh.

As a hospital doctor with an interest in systems performance, reengineering of medical services, and quality improvement, there is merit to many of the preceding statements. We may or may not have enough doctors, what is certain is that we have too many doctors who are not in the right place at the right times, and with a little flexibility, we could go some way to alleviating the problems we see on a daily basis. What is certain, although the vast majority of doctors work very hard, believe me they do, a lot more could be achieved by working a little smarter. Lastly, in my opinion, the advertised posts mentioned above are critical. At least one of the posts will be a senior clinician, doctor or nurse, who understands the issues, who will have a mandate to pursue safety and quality, and will have a direct reporting relationship to the CEO. A major flaw in the system to date has been the absence of senior clinical input to advise the HSE. Imagine Intel if the management level reporting to the board consisted entirely of HR or advertising people and not a single engineer. That is the situation in the HSE at present.

Oxymoronic is an understatement. I would see this view as being ill informed. Consider what a health service is before you look to the dragons of capitalism to spare you a band aid.