Huge surge in homeowners being paid mortgage aid

Huge surge in homeowners being paid mortgage aid -> … 24415.html

This is the interesting bit. And this is where I think there should be recourse to banks for reckless lending. And that the mortgage should be re-evaluated and the bank carry the loss for the amount that should not have been loaned.

  1. The scheme is designed to last for 12 months only, but can be extended in exceptional circumstances. I wonder how many of the 17k have been on it since 2007/08 and have managed to avoid repossession courtesy of the taxpayer who is denied the opportunity to buy the house that they can’t afford?

  2. 17k at 316 per month on average. So we spend 66m a year keeping people’s mortgages ticking over?

  3. Presumably the 17k have managed to keep out of getting into arrears during this time. So in addition to the 35k in more than 3 months arrears, and the others in less than 3 months arrears, there are another 17k homeowners artificially propped up by the taxpayer.

Honestly, why work? Why pay rent? Why am I such a chump in this backward ass country? Just buy a house before you lose your job and, provided the amount borrowed was less than 8 times my salary, I’m set for the rest of my life.

@js. Good points. A quick FOI could produce results - or if you’ve a friendly TD a parliamentary question could get that info.

State continues to support failed Business Models

I thought that one of the conditions was whether your mortgage amount was reasonable and they used this to refuse people who bought on sub prime.

My guess would be that either the paper is wrong or else there were a few “exceptional” cases where someone had overspent on a subprime but got mortgage interest releif anyway.

Although that said, didn’t the Moodies refer to getting interest suppliment but that it wasn’t enough for them?

The Sindo gives a case study of a mortgage interest supplement claimant … 53423.html


, and €320 a week in unemployment benefit. Details of Mr Dooley’s purchase of a three-year-old commercial van, at a time he was receiving significant amounts of taxpayers’ money in the form of social welfare payments, emerged at a hearing of Kenmare District Court last Friday week…

Mr Dooley, a 29-year-old father of one, had applied for free legal aid to pay for his court defence…Stating that the defendant was costing the State approximately €570 per week, the judge referred to the help the defendant was receiving for his mortgage: “This is paid for by the taxpayer; €250 a week. You have a mortgage of €300,000 and the taxpayer pays for this. This is a great little country isn’t it.”
He added: “I fail to see why you can’t be in the same boat as everyone else”. …**

I don’t understand how he is in receipt of unemployment benefit as opposed to jobseekers assistance after 18 months. Maybe an inaccuracy in the reporting

So that’s €27,360 a year tax free income for doing absolutely nothing.

Nice work if you can get it.


Plus medical card.

Plus bus pass.

Plus partner’s scratcher (if available).

Plus child benefit.

Plus child allowances.

Plus legal aid.

Plus any part time work (legitimately done on back to work etc).

He might even if he’s a real cute hoor, have TRS paid into his current account and the revenue/social welfare have not realised it.

Careful now, as far as we know he’s entirely innocent of that offence and of any other criminal conduct. They got the wrong guy etc.

Incredible story - for two reasons:

  1. This guy is getting such a huge amount in mortgage aid. Seriously, €1,000 a month is pretty chunky. Wonder how much cheaper it would be if the state just rehoused him in a smaller place and gave him rental supplement. There clearly is no end to this country’s generosity. It will soon such a large chunk of AIB that, when paying mortgage aid to AIB mortgage holders it will be paying the cash to the company it controls. A neat little circle apart from the fact that it will then need to repay the senior bondholders from somewhere.

  2. The charge is an interesting one:

“Dooley was in court charged with allegedly inducing Michael Kay, of Derriknow, Gleninchaquin, Tuosist, near Kenmare, to issue six cheques to him totalling €74,300.
He is also charged with allegedly inducing Kathy Nolan of the same address, to issue him with two cheques totalling €4,500.
The alleged offences occurred sometime between January 1 and December 31, 2008, and were for tarmacadam work Dooley had carried out.
The work was carried out but was allegedly grossly overvalued by Dooley.”

Who’s to say that it was grossly overvalued - Ireland has a young educated workforce, a growing economy etc. who’s to say what the price our tarmacadam work should be. Possibly in a post-Lehmans era, the work might appear on the high side - but back when he was doing it, it just reflected the market…

Seems a reasonable defence

Makes me wonder why I bother, have had ample experience of these kind of wasters getting free everything from the state and then returning the favour by supplementing their ‘income’ by thieving.

I wish this was a progressive society as many claim.

It is a progressive society, it gets progressively worse each and every week. :wink: