Hugh Hendry on CNBC: Banks will take 25 years to recover

I caught an interview this morning on CNBC Europe (just after 7am) featuring outspoken Hugh Hendry from Eclectica.

Number of points he made:

**Banking sector will take 25 years to recover

Big builders (Taylor Wimpey) should be let go bust as soon as possible

A lot of anger at the “arrogant” Barclays Bank**

Interview available at - “Hendry: Financials Infected by Bubble”

(2mins 55secs in)

That guy appears to be recovering from a hangover.[/code]

He’s wearing a godamn safari suit. I mean I know it’s summer but really.

Who he ?

By a long way, one of the best and most interesting fund managers in the City … a contrarian investor and always entertaining to listen to.

Often calls it like it is, which in the stuffy world of investment banking (and particular early morning CNBC) is always worth watching.

Blue Horseshoe