Huka Lodge, Lwr Churchtown Road, Dublin 14 (-1.05M,-46%)

was asking 2.3M

now asking 1.25M

700k - if it found the right buyer…

1.25m is delusional.

i’m surprised at you… two car garage?

if semi-d’s on braemor road are shifting for 700K, I’d say this (3000 sq ft) will get more than that.

Lets face it; this place is a mess. It has a bungalow in the front garden, which appears to have a patio on your ‘private’ driveway, so expect to have your neighbours hanging around in front of your house during the summers and their kids running around your driveway. I imagine that this actually makes the place feel less private than a regular semi-d on Lower Churchtown Road. The interior is, for the most part, a train wreck. It looks like a spanish golf-resort villa on cocaine. The rear garden is very small and needs to be completely dug up and have grass re-laid in order to accommodate a family, assuming most families prefer to have some grass.

One of the only aspects of the house that I like is its size. If you ripped out all of the flooring, it would improve the home beyond measure. Nobody needs tiles in their bedroom, in their upstairs hallways, etc. It’s actually ridiculous. The other aspect I like is being surrounding by a golf course, however having someone else living in my driveway outweighs that. I’d imagine the house is very dark as it is surrounded by mature trees on all sides, bar the front.

So basically, what is good about this house? Nothing other than size. Practically any semi-d on the lower churchtown road would have a bigger and better garden, significantly more class and nobody living in your driveway. I could get past the somewhat vulgar look of the house and interior, which must have been outdated from day one, if everything else was right - but they’re not, so this house makes literally no sense.

There is no patio on the driveway, the ‘lodge’ has a sliver of a side garden between it and the golf course and the front gravelled area bordering the main road.
Again, people seem to be mistaking taste for value.

Well I have never been to a viewing at the house, but from what I can see it looks as though the lodge has doors at the back leading out to what looks like a patio, as it has been sectioned off from the driveway? Unless the doors are actually just full length windows, but why have they got this area divided off?


That is awful. Ticks very limited boxes and all but exludes families. Awful, awful, awful.

Is the address “Huke Lodge, care of the back garden - house at the front”

I don’t think it is too bad at all. The neighbour’s house faces the garage and front door so you won’t see it from most of the rooms in the house. The garden area at the other end of the house is private. The neighbour’s house is definitely a big negative but not necessarily a fatal flaw. The skylight in the middle of the house should take care of any darkness problems from the trees. Flooring and decoration can be changed if it is not to your taste. I also don’t think that a garden should only consist of grass to kick the proverbial ball around. Some people like the low maintenance look.

I kinda like this one and I reckon it’ll get a bit more than 900k probably

Sold €1,225k on 22-8-14

What a difference 12 months or made. I think around 900k was might have sold for, worked out for the vendor a bit in the end

Surprised at that price. Makes Golda Villa, 19 Hillside Drive look like an absolute steal at €952k.

At least for that they got a really fabulous SW facing site on a much more sought after road, backing onto the golf course, and the buyers had the good sense to demolish the dreary 3,000sqft house and are replacing it with a sturdier and presumably more energy efficient 4,000sqft two-storey house which is well under construction now. All in they probably wont spend much more than whoever bought Huka Lodge, assuming the Huka buyers redecorate the whole thing at least- and they’ll have a heck of a lot better house for their money on a better road.

Agree that Golda villa looks like great value now.