'Hundreds queue for new homes launch'


Tens of thousands of homes available :smiley:

This is in Ongar, isn’t it?

I hope they did their research re: schools, transport etc.

300,000 for a 3 bed. Not bad.
This will soak up demand nicely. If I were a builder and I had 100 houses unsold for the last year then I would have to take notice of this. Why? Cause there is an oversupply. So when the buyers on the fence are gone. Then, Ahem, they are gone. Get in quick builders snap up those buyers before they are gone. But remember. Less than 300,000 for a 3 bed in a good area in Dublin is what it’s gonna take.

That would be this development:

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Not that it’s very interesting, the usual whinge about how crap the area around the place they bought off plan, site unseen, believing every imagining of the developer etc. etc.

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There is also this:
ireland.com/newspaper/proper … 18441.html

Wow, they sold 80 of the 75 units for sale.

Or 80 of the 1,270 for sale.

Or some other spin.

Even with these knock down prices it’s still cheaper to rent in Ongar than by one of these.

It is good that they’re moving in the right direction though, and the gap is narrowing.

The area is completely out of the question for me for lots of reasons, not least because I refuse to ever live North of the Westlink Toll bridge.

Falls are welcome wherever they happen though.


Ouch, they’ve significantly undercut all the existing sellers asking prices. €330,000 to €350,000 WAS the standard asking price in Ongar for a 3-bed. Not any more.

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Thanks Andy

Hardy man.

It is interesting to note that the US crash is being mapped step per step by Ireland. However, economists from the US may get an insight into what would have happened in the US if the Fed didn’t bail them out (and punish the prudent) by observing Ireland.

This press release is lies. They say they sold out, but in fact they did not. There were 270 houses released in this phase. They sold 80. Of course since it is a press release and not an ad we cannot have it corrected.
This has become a regular way for VIs to release propaganda and circumvent checks and procedures that are in place.

No doubt they will have to reduce prices again to sell the remaining properties. Anyone who gets into negative equity after reading these lies and rushing to buy should be allowed to sue either the newspaper or builders for this misleading tripe.

I must say that I find it hard to have a lot of sympathy for people who buy now. It’s not as if there aren’t a lot of compelling arguments against buying and these are now to be found in even freebie papers, etc

From p.ie

You’ll have to forgive my ignorance, but is it the case that a) The Developers own most of the management companies. b) As long as they hold at least one or more properties in the development you can’t hire a new management company c) They can set whatever fee they want, provide what ever level of service/maintenance they want?

I’m surprised this isn’t more of a political issue. I’ve always believed that the Fianna Fail - Builder- Galway Races Tent relationship was slightly exaggerated in that Fianna Fail’s primary goal is to stay in power and they have no loyalty to the builders beyond the money and support they get from them. In this case with so may people being f**ked over you think FF would have reformed the management thing by now.

Thank god I’m not affected by this, it sounds very frustrating. Anyone have an idea what effective action residents could take? Seems like the developers have them over a barrel and in the current climate are unlikely to give up what appears to be a cash cow for them.

Could Battman’s recent outburst be the first shot across the bows from the new Taoiseach? The new FF will be the party of struggling homeowners, not rip-off builders who have failed to meet their social obligations in providing infrastructure, schools, creches, public transport and jobs in the new towns they have built!

No sympathy is needed anymore (if it ever were). The rip-off of housing in this country has been documented. If I or anyone else on this board can do the research, compare with the rest of the world, read the papers (between the lines as well as on them) and make our decisions, then other people should too.

There may be people who need a 3 bed now in Ongar who were happy with the price - then fair enough. There are probably quite a few who think this downturn is a blip, and now is the time to buy - that’s their decision.

The time for sympathy has passed.

Maybe a lot of the “hundreds” of queueing buyers that the developers claimed turned up for the launch were in fact protestors :confused:

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