Huntington Outfarm Lane, Castleknock (-3101k, -77.5%)

Was 4,000,000 … cd=1&gl=ie

Now 3,300,000

Bling, and indeed bling.

still for sale Link

Also for rent and rent has dropped too Link

now a round €3million

Here for 2.9 million

IT property section says this one started out at €4.5 million.

Now sale agreed at €2.9 Million - would love to know the sale price.

Now on the market asking 975k!
408 Sq Mtrs (4,400sq ft).
€221/sq foot

That’s a chunky drop, may have a few owners of what they thought were multi-million euro houses choking on their cornflakes.

This place was up for rent for €2,850 in November.

Now 899k

For a grand yield of 0.855% when taking the original €4m price tag into consideration and a whopping 0.76% if the reported IT figure of €4.5m was correct.

Surely a record of sorts !

Sale agreed: … 15/1762605

Is it just me or is this reasonable value assuming it went for a bit less than last asking. Value assuming you wan a 4400sq ft house. Don’t know area but I would have thought its very desirable.? Anyone with local knowledge know the area? Must be a 1998/9 price (nominal)