What is it with this HWP crowd? Since last week they’ve been putting out properties that undercut the market and all are listed as ‘Priced to Sell’.





I had noticed them more for their 1 line property descriptions!

These were the people that brought us last weeks property for the “screwd investor” thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=41916

Don’t know much about their pricing as I’m not familiar with most of the areas they seem to be active in. But they seem to have a massive list of properties on the market.

Job lot from one of the banks.

Anyone ever dealt with this agent or know what they are like? Don’t understand why they only give one picture on all their property adverts which is normally accompanied by a sentence or even half a sentence.

Yet they’ve Sale Areed on 3 of the 4 listed above!

Would love to get some info on this agent. Had dealings twice on houses where the price was very significantly below the market but users extreme rush tactics to get you to put deposit on the day. Currently selling new build that has been vacant for 2 years sale fell through. saw it today wanted me to sale agree today and pay deposit despite major questions about the bond etc on the houses. Did like it but some damp evident which he says will be addressed before contracts.says he has list of interested parties if I don’t pay 5% today. Not sure what to do

Are you serious?

Yes houses in Brehon court lovely design etc 1200 m only 250000 but the sale of this house fell through as buyer moving back to china so is " offering it to me " first refusal but rushing me to decide today

Can’t say I’d trust these guys. Noticed loads of properties up in recent weeks, all of them having photos only of the external of the houses, a few taken from inside of a white van.

Really need advice they are selling Brehon court says one has just come back on market yet all other 3 in terrace empty major pressure tactics and looking for deposit of 5%

Does this company/guy have an auctioneers licence?

Are they a member of any professional body?

Pressure tactics and property don’t work well are you even in a position to complete I.e have finance organised?

One person has pulled out ask yourself why?

If it was me I would walk away

It always amuses me to see Estate Agent now alleging that a property is “Priced to sell”, it’s almost as though they are quietly admitting they were taking the proverbial in the creation of the bubble. If a property at 40%, 50%, 60% down off the peak is now priced to sell, what where they priced at during the bubble years?

Blue Horseshoe

Orlagh, it seems to me that you may be falling into the trap of wanting what you think you cannot have!.. My advice would be, to never buy anything that you feel you are being bullied into. If it does not feel right it probably is not meant to be. Stay calm and confident in yourself and your own judgement. There will be many houses out there which will not just be right for you, but much much better than any of the houses being sold by this dodgy crowd. An old mechanic in Wexford once said to me " always remember that sales and lies go hand in hand", it’s true in all walks of life. One of the biggest investments you are ever going to make, and which will cost you dear if you get it wrong, should not be rushed into, in my opinion…

To buy a house under such pressure tactics is crazy at any time, never mind in the current market.

Because those who have licenses and/or are members of a professional body are always just so trustworthy :wink:

Thanks for the advice although I love the house and area my gut tells me not to trust this guy

Skip this bus and get the next one.

It’s a buyers market. YOU call the shots.

Any way to find the owner and approach them directly? There’s nothing wrong with this as long as they still pay the agent their fee.

That says it all.

This is an old trick with unethical estate agents. They pretend there’s only one left, even though there’s more.

That kind of EA stunt worked up until about 3 years ago, but most vendors see through it now.

Prices will drop further. Bide your time and don’t be bullied into buying until you are good and ready to do so and have cleared ALL doubts from your mind.

Has anyone had any dealings with this estate agent recently and if so what are they like to deal with? A house has came back on the market with them after being sale agreed for about 3 or 4 months, and although I will ask why the sale fell through when viewing the house I am not convinced I will get an honest answer.