I always wanted four kids

A set of ‘case studies’ of families in distress. One more bizarre than the next.

4 kids = 1M

irishtimes.com/newspaper/fea … 55577.html

They could have easily sold their home if they wanted to but of course they probably didn’t want to sell for less than the house was worth.

No actually it was probably the best time to off load a house as there would have been a queue of buyers.

Maybe it should read “They moved house in Co Wexford four years ago – just at the wrong time, as it turned out to hold onto a second home in the hope of capital appreciation like the 24% witnessed in 2004. At the time they were safe in the knowledge they would be mortgage free by 2011 using the Disco Stu forecasting model.”

Maybe we’ll have another headline tomorrow,
“Irish couple admits they are partly responsible for their own actions.”

Same old shite.

What about economies of scale?

Some choice statements in there. From case 3

Really? XX

From case 4

I would have given her one of mine if she was really stuck. House trained. One careful owner …

What a crock of shite, it should read "Halfwits who didnt do any risk management lose out in property investment market but its somebody elses fault “cos nobody cudda seen it comin” :unamused:

I feel sorry for their parents :frowning:

But shure you need to have more kids than you can afford, or the other one(s) would have no-one to play with. Harsh I know, but you should really have a better rationale for bringing another life into the world.

As it is back to school time and we are all writing a whole lot of cheques for this & that activity… I’m getting increasingly annoyed with mothers of large families whinging about the cost of it all. In this day & age you CHOSE to have all those kids - Just as Irish people fail to do the maths on mortgages (i.e. interest rates go up as well as down, 35 years is a heck of a lot of years to pay interest…) they also seem to fail to calculate that kids cost money. So they have them and then moan about the cost. Having kids is not an entitlement…

I liked the civil servant who spend 2 1/2 years of the last 6 years in the job on maternity leave and had no intention of staying in the job until financial realities forced her to.


Babies - just add fertilisier and you’ll have a fully grown human in 18-60 years!?!

The one I don’t get is the family whose kids are hungry at the end of the month:

Unemployed father plus unemployed partner plus four kids would get around 600 a week in benefits (€196 + €130.10 + €29.80x4 = 445.30 a week plus €674 a month in child benefit). They would be eligible for rent supplement as well covering most of their housing costs - I can’t see how they can’t afford food unless there are other issues that the reporter hasn’t mentioned (debt, addiction?) or they are not claiming everything they are entitled to.

I should fucking hope so.

Strange relationship there Ted.

Is her husband related to Marc Coleman or something?!?

well we had had brekfast roll man, white van man, what is this guy? The yes man?

yes! yes! yes! ohhhhhhhh yes!

Headache? Darling, think of the demographics!

I’d rather be Homo sapien than Homo economicus. Fair play to that woman for having 4 children, even if it’s boiled down to economics she’s done the country a great service. In any case, as Oscar said, some people know the price of everything…



I would have thought that if our birth rate dropped to Italian or Spanish levels it would be an economic disaster. Who would provide for this generation when it reaches retirement?

One economic disaster at a time there sloopy, there is already no provision for this generation, even with an uplift in the birth demographic.

Hopefully, it’ll be a European pension scheme at that point in any case… :stuck_out_tongue: