I always wanted four kids

This guy is a giant amongst men due to his intellectual capacity in comparison to some people in this country, I mean just look around you at the mess people have gotten themselves into here AS ADULTS FFS. :unamused:

You are assuming that they will grow up to be working, tax paying positive contributors to society.
They might equally well go to prison or just milk the social welfare for their aldult lives in which case they will have a negative impact on the states finances. It is far too early to give this woman credit for doing the country a great service.

Who’ll provide for the near half a million who don’t have a job to retire from? And should the unemployed set about creating babies to boost our birth rate?

Hopefully they’ll get jobs. If not, maybe their families can support them. If not, I guess it falls on the state. If you’re suggesting that more children will just mean more unemployed people who have to be supported I would say I’m afraid I can’t share in your pessimism.

From an economic point of view the government may wish to incentivise people to have children as falling birth rates are an economic problem for most of the West. In direct answer to your question -no, to suggest this is an assault on their diginity.

However, international experience has shown that high birth rates have a correlation to poorer countires and low birth rates to richer countries. Not always, but as a general trend having more people to feed usually hinders economic development. Which is one of the reasons China tries to impose the one child family - the more people they have the harder it is to develop economically.

On the other hand, in his notable and revolutionary economic bible, Marc Coleman has set out unequivocal proof that a higher population improves the economy because they need more houses on borrowed money and they will spend their dole money on luxuries, thus increasing demand in the economy.

Well yes, that goes without saying. :slight_smile:
Seriously though, I was unemployed for a couple of months some years back due to closure of my workplace. When I went into sign on (after 4 weeks of intensive job hunting) I was treated like scum. Not nice I can tell ya.

I thought international experience has shown that the switch from high birth rate to low birthrate is what creates prosperity, i.e. as the switch happens you have a very large, healthy workforce supporting a relatively small elderly and young non-working populations. As the large, healthy workforce have few dependents and a high disposable income you get a huge market demand for products and a nice feedback loop that makes the economy do well.

What happens next seems to be stagnation if Germany is anything to go by, though relatively few countries have gotten far enough in the cycle for us to guage adequately what happens next, or indeed after that.

Only on The Property Pin.

Well that’s realism for you. If you want it sugar coated you’ll have to go elsewhere. :wink:

I’ll have to go elsewhere for the realism as well. I doubt if there are even 4,000 prisoners in the entire state. Factor in demographics etc and I think you’ll find that’s a pretty wild statement.

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mis-read your post

Yea there are also ~400k unemployed (although mostly not out of their own choosing admittedly). There is still a significant population of full time welfare sponges -who wouldn’t work no matter what the circumstances.

The point is that you just assumed that this womans offspring would contribute positively to society. I am merely pointing out that that may not necessarily be the case. Lets keep some perspective here, and keep an open mind.

There are other possibilities beyond prison and unemployment, where these citizens could be a drain on or have a negative impact on society.

In fairness though, it is good that the birth rates are still as high as they are.

Good on her.

So long as she can provide for them financially, then as with any lifestyle choice (house, car, hobby, holidays, socialising ete, etc), if that’s what you want, and are willing and able to pay for it -then knock yourself out.

Human being

Spot the odd one out.

I don’t want children so does that make me not a human being?

Having kids is a lifestyle decision.

It’s more than that… It’s playing God! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to go with House (as in shelter) it being a necessity, all others are discretionary spend. Am I right? Do I get a prize?

You’ve won a Human being Roadhouse.

(Caution: Prizes may or may not be toilet trained).