I am an adult get me out of here - John McGuire

I was just thinking, if our national broadcaster wanted to do a real cutting edge show they would do a revisited to this program. Have Johnno come back and talk to these people face to face. Lets see what kind of reaction Johnno would get after dishing out the advice he did to these people. I think this was possibly the most dangerous bubble fuelling program that was out there

They do it for How long will I live so why not this one It really would be great to see a revisited to this one

TV3 are researching precisely such a revisit , or so I was told.

There is only one TV programme our country needs right now.
A public prime time debate about the merits of NAMA.
One the one side would be Peter Mathews.
On the other side would be five or six of the banking establishment’s most pro-NAMA advocates.
But RTE will never allow such a live programme, because Mathews’ arguments are so unassailable he wouldn’t just bring down NAMA.
He’d bring down the government.

Good idea Bulls. I’d like to see the reception he gets at peoples doors.
Pity the title “How long will I live” is already used in a show.

nice idea. title should be ‘I am an adult and I can’t get out of here’

I’d consider a programme called “I’m an adult, am I the only one in Ireland?” to be compelling viewing.

Is there anywhere on the Interweb I can see “I am an adult get me out of here” again?

How about calling it. I’m an adult get me out of Negative Equity.

I remember watched the show and thinking that John Maguire was the nearest thing to Satan that i’d ever seen on telly. The way he sold peoples futures out from under them. I used to squirm when he rang brokers and squeezed an extra few thousand that the person couldn’t afford to buy a shitbox. Total scumbag.

Ah but shure he was doin dem a favour. Gettin dem onto de ladder.

The strange thing is John Mcguire is absolutely fucking loved by your average Joe. Whether it be as a Celebrity Banisteoir or a pseudo-celeb on some panel, people break their backs to laugh at his jokes and slaver over his suave sophisticated taste in fancy cars and leather jackets.

That programme revulsed me to the point of forgoing TV, it’s two years now without TV and it’s good.

Here is a golden cough nugget of property investment advice from John McGuire’s website

The same page also contains this pearl of investment wisdom

Oh, and this additional nugget

This man is obviously a genius. We uninformed plebs can only aspire to basking in the shadow of his general awesomeness.

I’ll give you that, he is super awesome.

I hereby announce John McGuire as the first winner of the inaugural John McGuire is Super Awesome award* at thepropertypin Heros of Irish Property awards.

*For extreme shilling.

I figured I wouldnt be the only one who found this delusional man on a par with Satan himself. Not just the people on the show who bought the “shitboxes” but the others who thought if a big tv celeb is telling me to beg borrow or steal to get into a 2 bed shitbox in the commuter belt, it must be a good idea. Many many lives are in tatters thanks to this snake oil salesman

Searching for the great man on google.ie throws up some interesting results

‘John McGuire wanker’ - Number one result

‘John McGuire tosspot’ - Number one result

‘John McGuire awesome’ - Nowhere to be found…

So, maybe all that money invested in Google has not been entirely wasted.

Dear god, Donnie Cassidy has a contender for his crown 8DD

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

At least he leaves his old property outlooks on the site.

Seems nostalgic now to have someone talking about 400k mortgages for FTBs.

Imagine the delighted FTB who listened having a whole 66 euro a month knocked off their 20000+ a year mortgage.

The November 2007 one is great!


Well I guess €54bn says he’s right…