I booked a house at Skylark in Portmarnock and then cancelled the next day. No clue what to do next



I am new to house hunting and Skylark in Portmarnock was my first official viewing. I was the 18th one viewing the property and therefore, there were a couple of houses remaining. I booked an east-facing garden mid-terrace house even though I wanted a west-facing end-terrace house. After returning home, I wasn’t happy with the booking so I emailed the next day to cancel my booking and put my name on the cancellation list for an end-terrace house. It has been around 4-5 days and no one has canceled. I was told by many that quite a few cancel within a week. Am I mistaken or no one is canceling because new houses are limited in the area?

Any ideas what can I do here? Shall I wait for someone to cancel or shall I book some other property?


I couldn’t edit the post so I am adding a comment here. I emailed the selling agents after a couple of hours of cancelling to let them know that I do not want to cancel and I am happy to go with the mid-terrace but unfortunately, all houses were booked :frowning:


You booked a house, cancelled within 24 hours, and then cancelled your cancellation within a couple more hours. And you’re asking strangers on the internet what you should do next. Sounds like you need to get a bit more decisive about what you want.


What can I say. First timers, duh.

I really wanted an end-terrace but when I realized there are no other new developments in the area it was too late.

I really hoped someone would cancel.


Do you have a link to the development you’re interested in. No real information on their website or on MyHome.ie? They still appear to be advertising them and there doesn’t appear to be the usual ‘all sold out’ or ‘last few remaining’ slogans such developments used to put on such developments a few years ago.


Website: skylark.ie

They don’t show sold out because they want more folks on their cancelation list. Also, the semi are still available. These aren’t HTB approved as they cost more than 500k.


Today, they put up on MyHome.ie a three-bed semi for €520k (link below).

As you said about the HTB being only available for new builds priced under €500k, I wonder what the logic is of placing a new build at €20k above this figure as they’ve just turned away a significant percentage of the market for what appears to be a very little gain? Such a tactic would make me believe they’re not very interested in moving their stock at the moment.

MyHome link here: https://www.myhome.ie/residential/brochure/petrel-skylark-st-marnocks-bay-portmarnock-county-dublin/4458975