I can forgive Jackie Healy-Rae for being a buffoon...

From today’s Daily Mail…

Independents are a waste of a seat. End of story.

I notice that Finian McGrath doesn’t get a mention. Chancer extraordinaire.

To give him his dues though, he did take out Derek McDowell and Ivor Callely. No mean feat.

Healy Rae will be just an independent with no clout in the next Dail, unless FF make an amazing comeback. Give him nothing then.

Correction: Independents that aren’t Independent are a waste of a seat.

If the Independent doesn’t pledge their vote to one of the major parties, regardless of the shite they pull, in return for some pork for their constituencies. Then yes, this is a waste.

If on the other hand the TD votes with their conscience, regardless of who that means they are voting with. Then they’ll be better than 99% of the TDs we have at the moment.

Finian McGrath pulled out of his arrangement a good while back, he’s opposition now

I hate the voices on those satnavs. I want one with a Jackie Healy-Rae voice. It would start every journey with “I wouldn’t start from here”, get me lost (as they always do) and end up with “fuck you and the horse you road in on, you namby Dublin git”. With the accent, I wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway and would have more than the usual excuse to smash it.

I notice that the son’s accent diminished rather a lot when he was on Matt Cooper’s quiz on friday…

It’s bitter bit of writing and pointless. Independents are a symptom of the failure of mainstream parties. Places like Kerry are on the periphery and always will be. Rae might be able to swing a few short term projects but won’t make no difference in the end. As the old women said in the “Island of Saint and Schizophrenics” “wisha this land is a curse on us”. Nothing there, never will be, I don’t begrudge 'em the new road or short lived factory. They gotta try.

I wonder would he write in the same manner about Jackie Healy Ombanga MP in Rhodesia. Ex member of Zanu PF! It would be politically incorrect and just too offensive to write about him in those terms. The charge of racism would be instantly levelled. So why is it OK to say these things about Rae?

Yes he probably would. The Daily Mail frequently features columns, that sail close to the wind, on racial issues.

The Daily Mail, actually fills a need and says things that need to be said occasionally, even if they get it wrong 50% of the time.

Because its the truth?. Not something the Daily Mail always finds necessary to file a story, but maybe in this case they just fluked it.

So did his brain … classic stuff.

I know what you mean. Some chav stole mine and the bloody thing was giving him directions on how to get away.

Take a left here, jump over this wall, run straight through those bushes.

Shocking really.