I didn't know houses in cities are cheaper.

From Waterford Today, explaining why Waterford’s houses are cheaper than surrounding areas. Aparently houses in cities are cheaper than in rural areas. I bet you didn’t know that. I sure didn’t

waterford-today.ie/index.php … 322&ed=191

This John Rohan guy is a piece of work. He had a piece in the Munster Express this week explaining why now is a good time to buy (there’s a shock).

He also guy recenly had an article explaining why his move to provide mortgages and sell houses from the same premises was a good thing for consumers. No mention of the Primetime investigation obviously.

Also, if you’ve tried to sell a house in Waterford in the last few years you might have had a visit from mister Rohan’s gnomes to nail a for sale sign to your wall, even though he isn’t your estate agent.

Ah yes. A piece of work.

Incidently the last couple of trips to Waterford have left me completely stunned by the number of for sale signs, particularly on commercial property, but residential also. It’s staggering.


Having originally come from the area , Waterford is truely a decent place to live with country and coast only minutes drive and all with no traffic congestion.

Only drawback is that there’s no employment worth mentioning. Any house above €200k is over valued as jobs wise you’ll eventually have to travel to Cork when your own job bites the dust. Lack of investment and gov. policy has crippled the city over the years. They’re still waiting for a 2nd bridge over the Suir :unamused:

Construction seems to be underway at the moment.

From my point of view the most important thing they’ve started building is the Waterford Bypass.

I’ve lived there for most of my life and I agree with you about the benefits of having the Coast nearby, but let’s face it, most of Ireland has a coast nearby. You need more than that.

I find the city depressing, and it says something when a place leaves you eager to get back to Dublin, to get away from the Traffic.

The number of places for sale at the moment is truly astonishing, it’s actually worth visiting just to see entire city blocks for sale. Huge chunks of the Quay seem to be for sale also.

That said you can pick up houses in the city center for a lot less than 200K, in fact closer to half that. The average house price has increased thanks to some of the developments on the outskirts of the city, but you can pick up a house right in the city center for a lot less than the 2001 average house price, and still have change for a bit of a renovation.