I have a cold. I will not be "getting tested"

Why bother?

  • Irish authorities refuse to publicize any treatment protocol for unhospitalized cases. Their only advice seems to be, “if it gets worse go to hospital”
  • my additional “case” would be used to add to tomorrow’s scary number and as a broader justification for the withdrawal of civil liberties.
  • as a responsible person pre 2019 I would not have gone around spreading it. And I will not be doing so now.
  • if I test positive for Covid to get a 6 month recovery cert I will then be participating as a Quisling in the whole vaccination regime which withdraws rights from me and my fellow citizens.
  • my Government has announced it will be giving additional “support” to Transgender teens. Instead of spending it on hospital capacity. They’re not a sober people. They’re drunk on progressivism. Not a responsible government.

It is only worthwhile getting tested if you want to renew your “right to socialise” cert.

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I’m beginning to think like this also I don’t want their stupid fucking 6 month pass. I would naturally like to know if I had the infection so as to know if I had immunity that’d keep me going for 5-10 years: but a + pcr test isn’t going to tell me this. Don’t participate.


My thinking too. A recovery cert to stop me being thrown into a gulag or my accounts frozen if it came to that maybe, but will not use one to socialise or travel.

A “Right to Collaborate” Cert. No thanks.


While I agree with the sentiment I feel that boat has sailed. As I have already said I’m watching developments very closely and will bug out sharpish if things go full on mad. The pass may facilitate this.

I do think that having gone to the trouble of verifying using their test I am able to confound the Covid mongers. I have been telling everyone in my social circle that although I am positive the illness is nothing more than a cold. Most of them don’t know what to think. On one hand they have their beloved test and on the other first person evidence that it’s only a cold. In my family circle 4 of us have it and no one is sick. The more people hear truth like this the better the chance to breakthrough😜

This amounts to the Pétain branch of being a Quisling.

If anyone has ever shown their “Covid Pass” to do anything they’re a Quisling.

Whilst I agree in principle BG, what’s your opinion on false documents. French resistance style and so on.

Peeps gotta meet and the interweb isn’t safe since they started making it safer!!

Well. They’re all “false documents” as they do not stop transmission.

I imagine legally, for you not the premise owner, having no document is lesser or no penalty compared to homemade document.

  1. Transmission of what. :thinking::wink:
  2. State sponsored documents. The thing. It’s only paper, not life liquid like, you know, blood.

I would imagine if I tested today I would test positive (obviously at a 50% pos rate it’s hardly the most outrageous bet). But at 1-10 with 10 being a flu I had some years back (still hardly life threatening just bedridden for 48 hours) I’m at about 2/3. I have something - likely a cold. I still had a days work today and would never have considered in the past ringing in sick feeling as “bad” as this.

As someone who thus far has avoided vaxx, tests of both antigen and PCR types I have no intention of degrading myself by breaking that and getting tested (test not testing for the virus) so I can have a curry indoors. It’s pathetic. I understand there is very real family/employment pressure for some but if you’ve made it this far without a recovery pass you really don’t need it. Should I feel the insatiable need for a pizza there are plenty of outdoor places which are basically indoors.

In addition:

I don’t think that by going out to the shops etc I have some magic power of infection which is going to leave dead bodies in my wake.

If the choice were to be between getting tested to avoid a detention camp we’ve gone so far through the looking glass it won’t matter anyway.


The purity of your argument is not in doubt. Sadly the vast majority are seduced. For all of their failings they are still us. Division enables those who want to exploit Covid. Facts did not work. Slanging people off won’t work. How then do we engage and convince?

I spent 10 mins this evening talking to a friend who is simply terrified. I need her to support the position here. Alienating her ain’t gonna do it. She has some more data now and was feeling a bit more hopeful. It’s a slog but if that’s what it takes then off I go.

On the flip side if the West goes full social credit then there is no future here. How do you get thru the Berlin Wall?

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Royal institute lecture being given by Van Tam. Scariant Central.