I like Kilcolgan, Kinvara area of Galway - 0pinions please


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … way/101597

I like this area for various reasons - I know its far from the city etc but it suits me. Now I know from reading the pin that this area has ‘tanked’ what do you think of this house? Is this tanked enough?

I do intend buying this year and not in a rush but I am fed up renting and fed up worrying about bank crashes and all that - enough - my nerves have had it…

So I like this house and others similar to it of which there are a few in the area. Do you think it is a fair price?

I know if I was buying I would get advice from surveyor and solicititor, but having worked with these in past I don’t have a lot of trust. Don’t intend to offend anyone here but below is a true snippet of a chat I had with a surveyor I used to work for:

Me ‘how do you test for damp?’
Surveyor ‘feel the curtains and sniff the air…ha ha ha’
Me ‘what about structural faults, what if house is built on sand etc.’
Surveyor ‘exclude everything…you can, always exclude foundations…’

Please help. Is it built on an earthquake, sandpit, bog, river, ghost-filled old graveyard, fairy ring, flood plane - in the path of a motorway or in an area marked out for a fracking frenzy?


Hi honeysuckle,

That house piqued my interested too. There are lots of similar houses in that area.
I think there is a little more to go in some of these houses. Brian MacMahon of DNG has that part of the country sewn up.

Kilcolgan is a little far form the city which is what has put me off the area, I think I’m too much of a townie to be that far out - but the area does temp me. Saying that a ferry service has starting between Ballyvaughan (next town over) and the city.

Geologically speaking the burren is rock, rock and more rock… a little bit of bog and then loads of more rocks, rock for breakfast lunch and dinner. So your house won’t sink. It’s the Burren so there’ll be a no to motorways and I believe Clare Co Co recently banned fracking.

Flood plane - most likely not, don’t know that exact spot but most of the area is hills, on a hill is good for flood avoidance.

Fairy Forts - this could be a big worry, ask locals and don’t fuck with fairy forts. I don’t believe in them myself but I would not go near a hawthorn bush in a fort either.

Don’t know much about surveyors but your man sounds like a right fuckin cowboy. They can’t all be that bad.


Nightmare if you need to commute to Galway city.

Otherwise, smashing area, good schools, amenities, etc.

House looks grand too, doesn’t need anything done to it. You’d hardly build it for 200k.


There are only two types of sites in Kinvara. Either it is built with bedrock limestone 12inches below the surface, or it is a site that had a hole filled in with infill. That site boundary wall looks very flat from the picture, so I’d say you are looking at it built built on rock. So I wouldn’t worry about it.

(The again it is kaarst so maybe you need to google this:
google.ie/search?rlz=1C1CHJ … a+sinkhole)

Only joking. :smiley:


Nice area. Always keep an eye on radon levels though.


that looks like yer man’s hole in Chicago


Gross oversupply out there. House prices will drop for another few years, probably 2 or 3.

Even detached highspec ones will struggle to break 150k soon.


Thanks all - @2Pack - I’m not seeing over supply in kilcolgan area? am I missing something?


It’s a tad…remote.

Could you research what houses in these areas were getting in 1999 and offer that amount?


Lots of houses:




thanks Magpie - have looked at these - they’re either overpriced or too far out though.


I’d stick with the surveyor. Sounds like he is pretty straight talking. Also knows his stuff. You may be able to stick a damp meter in accessible walls, but it’s the stuff you can’t access is where more often than not lies the real problem. As for foundations, again impossible to look at to ascertain unless you’re able to dig. By and large surveyors are only a cod. They can look, sniff, and feel and that’s about it. Nothing from stopping an everyday buyer from doing the same. A structural engineer to look at a suspect foundation maybea different story. But again, even after expensive x rays, soil samples and the like you’d be lucky to get a signed engineers reaport saying they guarantee their findings.


What you really want is a house and a few acres so that your clann never have to deal with the property market again and can build around you at a time of their choosing.