I think the penny is finally begining to drop.

I’ve recieved numerous texts and had some suprising discussions these last few weeks wrt the financial armagedon and the upcoming budget.

Are you talking about your friends and colleagues in general?

Yep. People who have ridiculed my irrate rants in the past.
Middle class types who have previously bent over backwards to defend the shenanigans of the last few years.

People are really struggling at the moment…

I’ve very much noticed the same in recent weeks superpiper.

What I have noticed everyone is a expert on property prices and the Budget.

Few are putting the dots together in relation to an Big Picture 10000 feet in the sky outlook.

There will plenty of twists and turns in the next few years chapters of History, anyone who says they knwo exactly whats going to happen… Dont know.

I’m going to use my powers if predictability here: There will be an attempted softening up of the electorate-kites flown and the like. But I don’t think it’ll prove as successful as hoped. Not for the current shower in power.

Definately beginning to happen.
Very recently, I’ve had phone calls from people I haven’t spoken to in ages asking for advice/opinions.

Likewise I’ve been told by a few people that I was right and a couple of other people who glazed over when I started ranting have started asking specific questions about the bubble, the deficit, the banks. They still glaze over after a while, but it’s definitely progress!

Yep fully concur. Last Saturday night was the first time that everyone I was out with concurred that we are screwed. A bit of discussion about potential emigration options…

OP, I think you’re right.
I use the “boards.ie” meter! Over the last few weeks on boards:

Do you support direct armed action against the Government?
43% say yes… :open_mouth:

Do you think a new modern political party should/could be formed for the people?
75% say yes

**Housing Bubble Bursting ** Megathread with 447 pages
No posts at all in a month. :angry:

I gave up a long time ago trying to spell out to colleagues the trouble we are in. Some people I know realise the good times are not coming back for a very long time while others still have their heads stuck in the sand. Indeed, one guy smugly asked me this week if I was the guy driving the Anglo Toxic Truck. :slight_smile:

I think a lot are just sticking their heads in the sand and hoping for the best… “The Crowd”

Anyone notice the amount of people getting closer to being self suffucient i.e… Hens, growing own veg etc

Going back well over a year ago, I told some friends that houses in ghost estates will eventually be bulldozed. They couldn’t stop laughing and I began to doubt my own opinion on that but I never changed it.

Anyways, superpiper what is the general jist of their concerns/questions?

Nobody talks to me at all, what’s that a sign of??

Ahem …

Has your advice/opinion continued to be 18-24 months ahead of the curve?

People are probably shitless to hear what’s coming next!

Not even by picking up the phone Mr A. But I have stopped giving advice and making predictions, people are generally too freaked out now. Quite a bundle of good humour and cheer I does be all the time.

Speaking of ahead of the curve… the foreclosure mess in the US is interesting. Now, I don’t see that there has been the same level of trading mortgages, but were all the dots and crosses put in the right places on original documents do you reckon? Have they all been kept safely?

Step out of the bunker for a few days, but don’t forget the tinfoil hat.