'I won't pay' movement spreads across Greece

“I won’t pay” movement spreads across Greece

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‘I won’t pay’ movement spreads across Greece → msnbc.msn.com/id/41723432/ns … _business/

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You cooked the books yous squandered the money and now you cant be holed paying it back,the sooner Europe adopts the Goodfellas approach to getting their money back off these dead beats the better.

Sounds like a really good Idea to me. I mean when the government totally ignores the will of the people, then they become a government in name alone. The people are doing the right thing, mass protest where it hurts the tax eaters, no central flash point to use tear gas, a kind of non violent gurella movement. I think this will work because the enforcers of law in Greece are being decimated too by austerity (Police, Doctors, Transportation, Civil service). The cause of the Greek problem stems from a Currency valuation fraud instigated by our good friends Goldman Sucks on entry to the euro, then 10 years later what does Goldman do, yeah you got it, they short their own trade, sending the country down the toilet, sets the IMF attack dogs on the citizens and with the proceeds plan to pick up a few cheap Islands.
Oh yeah Rimbaud, go back under your little rock, the lower 99% of Greeks are very honorable people.

It is possible to argue your case without reducing yourself to name calling.

Apologies Rimbaud. :-GC
I wasn’t sure if you were a real person what with all the Bots infiltrating boards today. Software packages exist nowadays that allow you to manage a brigade of avatars to help you control the masses through consensus. Obviously your not a robot as I’ve offended. The Greeks are not deadbeats, they have just been run into the ground by a bunch of fascists, a bit like us.

Impose the fictional morality of a Hollywood movie? :unamused:

A very impoverished outlook on the dynamic at hand. No milk in your kind words so.

Endgame? Anything is possible, this I know is a hard thing to get your head around but with a little imagination you can just see a glimmer of a day where men can look each other in the eye and see empathy reflected. On that faithful day the central banking cartel will be driven from the face of the earth and it shall be good.

Well, I think the politically expedient antagonism with Turkey combined with tax and spend pandering to various interest groups explains a great deal. Buying new tanks, planes, submarines while your country is cooking the books is banana republic stuff (much like our decentralisation building a new headquarters for military top brass/department of defense, while the actual administrative staff are left in sub-standard buildings).

Charlie Weston mentioned this movement on Prime Time last night. First time I’ve heard anyone in the Irish Media refer to it.
We’re gonna see something similar here when the ECB interest rate hikes cause a mass mortgage meltdown.
We’ve had the shock and the denial, now it’s almost time for the anger phase.
Civil disobedience is inevitable in Ireland. People who are broke can’t pay.

IS this just for a movement for cant pay or is it also encompassing wont pay?

Some can’t pay, some won’t pay.
People tailgating to avoid toll cameras is a start here.
Water charges, property tax and more to come.
How much more can Paddy take?


This has been spoken about but I’ve no idea of the numbers.
Even if people are on trackers, I’d say that they would be getting a very good deal in many cases versus the variable interest rate mortgages.
So if people don’t pay their mortgages, as I’m sure tens of thousands are not right now then I don’t expect very much to be done about it by government or the government owned banks. It’ll be a case of let it be let it be.
The banks I don’t think will force closure on properties where there is little gain e.g. typical apartments and semi-Ds won’t be foreclosed upon but maybe certain properties in more desireable locations will be fore-closed upon PRIVATELY :nin

Civil disobedience is not the way of the Irish. Irish have starved in huge numbers, emigrated in huge numbers without much civil disobedience. It’s not historically demonstrated that we are a country of much civil disobedience. Not here.
I think if VERY highly unlikely that we will see any significant civil disobedience in this country.
What we will see is the lower classes will emmigrate in increasing numbers, will see that the new government is playing the game more or less the same as the last but with less excess and will just moan and complain but little action, and even less if any civil disobedience.

That’s generally true for people who are really broke. Then there are people who are not really broke but still living it up I think. And what of it sure if they can’t pay then the state will pay on their behalf won’t it.
Take a look at the Mortgage Moratorium. i.e. no need to pay for a year (admittedly now being phased out)
Take a look at the Mortgage Interest Supplement system; citizensinformation.ie/en/so … ement.html
Then I believe seriously that the banks are not willing to foreclose on situations where there is a special relationship with the client, e.g. the client may be a public servant with influence, the client may be a friend of a bank member, sure aren’t we all in this together.

That You Tube video is a corker.:smiley:

Reading the posts, it seems that I might have been over-optimistic regarding any real protest happening here.
People will emigrate and things will stay the same. Depressing.
Ireland really is the old sow who eats her farrow.

Civil Disobedience is viewed by the Irish middle and professional class as being what lefties/skangers/nordies get up to.

Its no coincidence that “the Irish” (whatever that means anymore) are viewed as being terribly rebellious abroad due to the way in which the dispossessed of this island have tended to have been at the forefront of rebellion and labour movements etc in other parts of the world to where they have emigrated. Examples abound in the UK, US, Australia etc of this having been the case.

The Irish middle and professional classes on the other hand tend to have been a cowed bunch of mé féinist lackeys whose time has tended to have been spent fumbling in greasy tills - preferably whilst on their knees in front of pictures of Archbishop McQuaid and more recently Mary Robinson.

Plus ca change plus ca meme chose…

ps I wonder is it any coincidence that the most succesful Irish sportsmen and women in world terms (as well as being the most overlooked) are boxers while those with the most exposure are its rugby players - who are also the biggest and most lauded bunch of underachievers…

Nice chip on the shoulder and bringing up irrelevant obsessions there Ptg.

We’re all entitled to the odd bout of spleen

Testify, Baudelaire.