IBEC predicts brighter 2010 for economy

IBEC predicts brighter 2010 for economy
Tuesday, June 08, 2010 - 07:45 AM

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Great. A jobless recovery.

I am 100% convinced that when people hear that phrase “export lead recovery” they get a vision of hundreds of indigenous little (and large) Irish enterprises beavering away across the country selling agri goods to the Saudis, software to the Russians, business services to the Europeans, technologies to the Yanks and so forth. It sounds like something so positive and dynamic.

Sadly, I think the truth is that “export lead recovery” means Google selling some more ads, Dell selling more computers and international IFSC banks selling more of whatever they sell. 12.5% of that lot is better than nothing, but ffs it’s of shag-all use to the vast majoirty of people in the country or indeed the economy as a whole.

It might be remarked that they are in fact parasites, feeding on the marrow of the State.

More so now that the state owns the banks.

Since when did IBEC press releases become the dominant news headline on RTE News all day?

The hidden hand revealed.

€1m a year in public money props up IBEC -> independent.ie/business/iris … 75189.html

all part of the spin.