Iceland 🌋 earthquake swarms, volcanic eruption imminent, whole town evacuated

Property doom! :icon_eek:

Earthquake swarms in Iceland have been increasing in intensity and frequency since the end of October, now events in Iceland may be about to come to a very destructive conclusion. An entire town has been evacuated of approx 4,000 people.


IF something big blows could we also get a secondary Tusnami for some total Land, Sky and Sea Biblical megadoom meltdown, which probably puts Ireland in the firing line and I’m not takin’ Rainbow Rapids! :icon_eek:

Summary: The Icelandic Meteorological Office has revealed new models indicating that magma is shallowest at a depth of 800 meters or even closer, based on satellite images and GPS measurements. The data is 12 hours old, suggesting the magma may be even closer. The models show a 15 km long magma tunnel northwest of Grindavík, with an increased chance of magma emerging on the ocean floor. The reduced earthquake activity is attributed to tension release from yesterday’s earthquake and deformation due to the magma tunnel, making an eruption more likely. The Norwegian Meteorological Agency advises civil protection to prepare for the possibility of an explosive eruption in the next few days, as the probability of a volcanic eruption has increased. A danger zone has been defined based on the location of the magma tunnel.

Iceland told the bankers to fck off.

Just reminding.


No Björk!

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Fissure opens up.

Grindavik Iceland - the place is cracking up.

To put in context their worries about the roads & evacuations… These are people who (Depending on their exact location) are used to
Hibernating in winter, or only driving in convoys at certain times of year
Taking photos with lava flows
Glacier hiking
Joining coast guard and/or mountain rescue *cadets *as soon as they’re old enough, then continuing as adults
Massive ice melt / waterfalls every spring
Rebuilding sections of the ring road and/or bridges every spring

Edit: In the Cod wars they put their fishing boats & coastguard out against British Navy vessels.

#Iceland: The land near Svartsengi is now rising much faster than it did before the earthquake tremors on November 10, about 5.5 times faster. According to volcanologist Þorvaldur Þórðarson, the influx of magma is ten times greater than before the seismic activity.

The magma is flowing into a reservoir at a depth of 4.5 kilometers, and the rate has increased from 5-7 cubic meters per second to approximately 50 cubic meters per second. Þorvaldur suggests that if this rate continues, Svartsengi may regain its previous position within 5 to 15 days. The accelerated uplift is attributed to the magma creating space and lifting the Earth’s surface.

Regarding the likelihood of volcanic activity in the area, Þorvaldur believes the chances are increasing due to the land uplift. He emphasizes the importance of considering preventive measures in light of the emerging reality and entering a volcanic period, encouraging planning for potential eruptions to minimize their impact on society and infrastructure