Iceland: It could be about to blow.

From The Guardian, 18th Aug 2014


On the upside, at least this one is easier to pronounce. :-GC

From an historical perspective, Bardarbunga is the largest volcano/volcanic system in Iceland. A smaller one Laki which erupted in 1783 is suspected to have led to a period of climate change across Europe, causing crop failures which some have suggested may have been a factor in the lead up to the French Revolution.

Blue Horseshoe

“Badda-bing-Bardarbunga” :-GC

I understand Bardarbunga parties are quite memorable.

Current wind conditions mean it would be straight here if it happens this week. … ,29.86,293

Is Iceland’s next volcanic eruption about to happen? - -> … ppen-30642

Should we buy gas masks?

Just take your iodine tablets; you should be grand.

Tinfoil hats are very effective against ash. At least it will stop the chemtrials for a while

If this happens, maybe its time to go short on airlines…

Short? I’ll be trying to go as far away on them as possible! 8) :-GC

Wikipedia claims:

so I would not hold my breath.

Not so darn tootin’ fast …

None of that is especially unusual. Many of Iceland’s volcanoes are under thick glaciers. The jet stream may have been unusually stable historically, but the jet gets “stuck” and produces stable patterns far more often in recent years (e.g. most of last winter), with an upward kink over Iceland not being uncommon. The rest of the points follow from the first two or three.

Really nice interactive page to describe the sisemic activity

Not to mention that Katla is well overdue and orders of magnitude larger in it’s eruptions that Eyjafjallajokull

The day we can predict eruptions give or take a year or so will be a fine day. From any original sources the magma is not moving to the surface. Orange alert. Not exactly imminent. More chinken licken stuff from mass media.

Iceland volcano: Bardarbunga eruption sparks red alert - ->

Note: Presently there are no signs of ongoing volcanic activity. The aviation color code for the Bárðarbunga volcano remains red as an imminent eruption can not be excluded. - >

Or indeed, it is :unamused:

Whether it is a major eruption remains to be seen (it’s probably unlikely), but magma is on the surface, beneath the ice sheet which is 400m thick.

PS the jetstream forecast after monday looks okay… … ream;sess=

Air alert level back down to orange as it looks like the current eruption is going to stay sub-glacial.

Yeah, hard to worry too much when its under 400m of ice. Hard to prodcue much fine ash there.

The article i linked explained even if it blows there needs to be a specific combination of events. … ppen-30642

Cool photos of the eruption - still no diversions 8DD … ng-4155496

Also … rn-lights/

This time, they’ll wait until the paint-job gets scuffed before declaring a no fly zone! :angry: