Iceland - The story continues....


Ah now, I think it was 5 bn euro, no?

Anyway, it is the same proportion of GDP (about 30%) in both countries… course, in GNP terms, we’re number one for bailouts…


BBC article above quotes dollars, I have no idea.


You’re quite right. The GDP figure I looked for them was in dollars too (16.7 bn for 2009), so the proportions match up.


Fair play to the Icelanders for standing up and putting pressure on politicians in the parliament, bill was passed only 33 to 30 votes. Unsatisfied their voices were being unheard, the people created a petition of 25% of voters and sent it to the president to halt the bill.

What did we do? Moan and crib?


What’s quite clear is if Iceland make it into Euroland then we’ll have significant competition for the old corporation tax bait’n’switch…

Only 16.7 bn? :open_mouth:


Our bill went to the President anyway and she fucking signed it.


Not only did she fucking sign it, she didn’t even fucking pretend to consider it by convening the council of state. No wonder FF were delighted to get a second term out of her - she’s vulcanised.


If 60,000 people signed it and the population is 330,000 (I think), will the referendum block the bill and the payments to the brit Government?

Say the register of voters is 180,000, will another 30,000+ decide to support those who signed it?


Can she refuse to sign a bill under our system of government?

I thought the most she could do is delay it by judicial review of the bill. She is a glorified pencil pusher for all intents and purposes.


What happens next is that Iceland is declared a rogue terrorist state and we in the western world need to invade it to restore proper democratic values.


Yes. But she didn’t even do that. Rather than even convene a council of state to consider the ramafications of a bill that spends a third of GDP on a private industry, that benefits only a small number of citizens (in terms of the loans bought that the banks would otherwise have to foreclose on), but that indebts all the citizens equally, she just signed it.


Yes, she is part of Ireland’s system of gombeen governance.

Can anyone think of potential presidents who not have done the pigs’ bidding?

Ed Walsh for President?


The council of state includes Cowen, Coughlan, Bertie, Albert, Garret, Ceann Comhairle Seamus Kirk, Cathaorleach of the Seanad Pat Moylan (FF). It also includes seven members chosen at the President’s discretion - I don’t know all of these but one of them is Martin Mansergh which tells me something.

Call me cynical but I just don’t expect a lot of considering of ramifications with that lot around a table.


Like this?

#35 … 30968.html

#36 … mpensation

#37 … ial-crisis




The decision by the elected Icelandic President to exercise his powers to refer the legislation to the people has prompted another round of disgusting bullying by the New Labour thugocracy and their new friends in Holland. I think the message of the globalists is clear - our way or the high way. … ck_check=1 … 977152.ece


There are some suggestions floating around that Icesave was not registered with the Icelandic deposit insurance company: … ment-30689

If this is the case, it surely changes things? It would in my mind, anyway.