Ictu may end 'pointless' troika meetings


They must be getting desperate if they are trying the “walk away” gambit.

There is more…


They don’t take irrelevance easily, do they?


I can just imagine Jack O’Connor’s thought process during these consultations … ‘it wasn’t like this under Bertie !’.

Any chance this committed unionist (and staunch defender of ‘the working man’) voted FF at the last election ?

Incidentially, what’s his current salary ?


If i could punch someone in the face, he’d be pretty high on my list


Bertie Aherne would be far higher on mine.


Reassuring to know the troika seem to be laughing at these guys. Though it might be a bit chilling if they realize these same union guys were effectively running the show for the Bertie years.

There was an earlier article by Martin Wall irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 78667.html They printed part of letter received by David Begg from István Székely, which seemed maybe just a little sarcastic - and might be what has got up the unions noses.

O’Connor claimed

I wonder if one of these well thought out proposals was that half-assed proposal where their new think tank clearly misunderstood how many people were earning 100k and over.




Now if only they’d stop talking to the government as well…


Read all aobut it, read all about it!

**ICTU threatens they “may” no longer represent their members **

“Tis just too hard a work” say leader who earns 5 times the average salary, “they want to cream off the top anmd that’s where I am, tis just not Bertie”

Fine rheotoric from O’Connor, you gotta love love it, hopefully someone asks him what the hell he is talking about and lets him dig himself even deeper in the mud.


There ! That’s much better :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


That’s some quality trolling by Székely!


If ICTU believe that they are being dragged into meetings just so these parties can pretend they listened to and considered ICTU’s views then they should not attend any more meetings. We may be stuck in a sham democracy, but there is no reason why ICTU should lend such a sham democracy credibility by engaging in sham consultations.

I believe the process of sham consultations in rife in Ireland. Many people have risen to their positions in semi-public life (i.e., on representative bodies) when times were good by agreeing with everybody. They are ill equipped to deal with the new reality where everybody is to be treated with contempt by those in power. Some are so ill equipped that they go on agreeing and trying to exert influence while their relevance is being eroded. At some stage you have to put the boot in.

People who subscribe to the narrative of the general demonisation of unions need to study their history. The little people get no fair play until they band together and demand it with credible threats of retribution.


The 1913 lockout.


You may be right Negative Covenant however there are a couple of important issues.

As has been ably demonstrated on the Pin the litle people in this country are any of the suckers who are working outside of government.
Typically employees of the government get paid 50% more than those in private sector employment.
Those who are retirees and on the dole don’t really do work and get compensation for nothing.

While the PAYE worker get’s shafted. Shafted when working and when spending as all of the rest feed off of him/her. The biggest feeders are those who being in government and being members of unions just think that they are entitled to better pay and conditions than the rest.

There is a sever proplem of denial by union members of the facts.

They are unwilling to recognize their better pension benefits and better pay and better working conditions.

Even with the minimum changes so far introduced since CPA there is still a major glut of greedy entitlement being spouted by the unions.

Also they adopt the attitude of if you’re not with us your against us.

Well they have counted on me. If your not with me then your against me.

It’s hard to be an individual critical thinker in this nation of tribal warfare.

I’ve no respect for the unions.

The recent history of their behaviour is nothing less than a disgrace.


People who subscribe to the narrative of the general demonisation of unions need to study their history. The little people get no fair play until they band together and demand it with credible threats of retribution.

we are the little people now. the unions are the ones with the power holding the country and their own members to ransom and holding us all back

people will be doing job bridges until they are in retirement and these people would still argue that wages are too low


I’d like to highlight this point too.
Only I agree with it.

The problem most people have with unions is not their aims or actions, its that they (largely) fall back on guaranteed employment clauses as leverage. This is why they are so weak in the private sector; they dont have that fallback.

Granted that permission was given by government, but the tacit agreement was that the Unions would provide a stable work force for the people. A lifelong payment of 3/4 of the private sector equivalent wage and pension and job security should have been enough but it seems the movement, routed from private industry in the 1970s and 80s, is determined to hang itself ‘to teach us all a lesson’.

Further I’d say the existence of a Union movement in and of itself demonstrates the failure of government to provide for its citizens.
(Too many business lobbyists, the same)

In summary, the union movement has overreached itself and I believe we are seeing its death throes.
Within 10 years it will be a shadow of itself by the IMFs hand or the electorate.

In my more vivid flights of fantasy I often imagine this face-off to be engineered to achieve this aim and I think it a huge disservice to all those who require communal assistance in the workplace. But they only have themselves to blame.

This is how it looks to an outsider, anyway.


There’s some truth to that, the very man. Unions are essential in places where the government does not provide adequate protection for a workforce; think many third world countries, or even those US states with “at will” employment. However, that has not been the case in Ireland for a long time. It is extremely difficult to get rid of someone in Ireland even in the private sector, and I would say that Ireland provides a huge level of protection to employees already through legislation.

Unions here only serve to restrict work practices and reduce efficiency, while artificially inflating wages for their members. And of course, they provide huge benefits for the union employees as well as perks for union reps, at the expense of both their members and the taxpayer. They are large organisations in their own right, with all the bloat that this entails.


Union membership in the multinational tech sector is non-existent and yet the unions rarely if ever mention this fact. Certainly, I’ve never heard of any union attempting a major recruitment drive in this area. These are usually considered good jobs too.

I guess for unions to start talking about it, would be to confront their own irrelevancy …


OK this is anecdotal but take from it what you want.

A union member colleague mentioned to me a couple of months back that once this years budget goes through, it if does, that there would be tension and he predicted that those who were not union members (such as myself) better be by then in order not to be blamed for the tensions etc.


If you’re a public sector worker I heard the same spiel during the public sector strikes in 2009 when I worked in the public sector.