Ictu may end 'pointless' troika meetings


On the other hand, my wife works in the health service and she says an increasing number of people she works with are dropping out of the union since:

  1. The dues may be small but they’re not insignificant at a time when money is tight for a lot of people; and
  2. Her colleagues have seen what they feel are significant cuts in income (OT) and changes to work practices, and they feel the union threw them under a bus as a bargaining chip; and
  3. If it comes to a strike, the unions have no strike funds, so they don’t want to go on strike and not get paid.

In other words, at the time when a well-run union could be the most useful to her colleagues, they are abandoning it due to dissatisfaction with how it operates.


That’s precisely why Jack O’Connor and David Begg et al, are constantly calling for large-scale, publicly-funded, infrastructural projects - whereby they can control the building and craft trades, jacking up the costs and increasing their membership and funds. The Unions truly hate the IT and Pharma sectors! (Put it another way - like most beardy lefties, they hate anyone getting on in life and being rewarded through their own ingenuity, intelligence, talent, education or enterprise.)


Weirdly little known fact. When you go on strike, the union doesn’t pay your wage. They pay you a “living wage” (and not the kind of wage Jack O’Connor lives on). I think it is the same as the dole.

I imagine many workers could not take more than a week or two of that without beginning to default on commitments. Usually the workers who are older and nearer retirement, are more able to tolerate this scenario due to having lower commitments (kids grown up, mortgage paid off etc.).

Hence, the friction between older and younger workers during industrial disputes. The unions are generally run for the benefit of the older workers.

Also, unions mismanaging their financial affairs, being run by a bunch of overpaid divas and feeling free to lecture the government on financial matters. Hilarious. Or sad. I’m not sure which.


The unions should start representing low paid call centre workers in the multinationals, instead of the overpaid fat cats in the public sector, with their free-money pensions and tax-free lump sums.


They’ve been trying to break into that market for years with very little to show for it, union dues x number of people = profit.


I used to work for a large MNC (pharma-brand new site) and the general manager of the site took the time to inform us that they would refuse to recognise any union as they “preferred to deal with their employees directly”. Anybody trying to make moves towards a union there would have been signing their employment death warrant and by jesus if ever a site needed a union, this is the one…