IDA to the rescue: The Irish Mind


The IDA’s new campaign wants the world to wake up to the Irish Mind: … 2308.shtml

Pushing the No-Ledge economy.


A pig with lipstick


Well, fair play to the IDA for getting out there and launching themselves into a difficult market.

Having dealt with the IDA regional teams in the past they are worth every penny.

Even if we (here at home) find the tone a little cringeworthy, remember it’s not for domestic consumption, but rather pulling in FDI, and if playing on some flattering stereotypes makes investors feel a little more comfortable moving their investments into/onto our little island then it’s worth it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like back in the 1970’s and '80s with tugging our forelocks and welcoming any old jobs that came our way, but rather, getting Ireland on the list of potential locations for industries that we want to do business with and get them “through the door” so they can see what’s really on offer and the IDA can assess their potential.

Blue Horseshoe



Fair play is right… I must say I was even thinking of moving there myself when I was watching the ad. :smiley:


Ah - the power of advertising combined with the great tradition of Irish storytelling - you gotta love it - but remember it’s all just fiction!



Ad is running on Bloomberg non-stop. Fair play to the IDA you have to do something.


Unfortunately for the IDA, their positive efforts are completely anihilated by a pile of public sector drift wood of infinite height, not to mention all the gombeen “leaders” in power.


Anyone seriously considering investing here would be turned off by the shambles that is Dublin Airport. Not everyone will be whisked away in a waiting IDA car. No amount of spin will overcome an up-close experience with our latin american-style airport. Imagine what it must be like for a foreigner arriving after 10:30pm? Where’s the train, where’s the bus, I have to wait 30mins for a taxi? I landed at Dublin airport late last Sunday - there was one ATM operating, guess how many people were queuing to get cash?? [on a recent visit to Guatemala I can atest that Guate City now has a better airport than Dublin]


But do The Irish Mind?




Cue DMcW’s article in the SBP today.

I’m not impressed at all with the D pier or whatever they call it. My dad has bad circulation in his feet and it’s a heck of a walk.

Dublin airport reminds me of Frankenstein: add a bit here, chop a bit there, stick it all together, a jolt of electrics and boom! Somehow it sorta works.


As a small nation with a very centralised government, Dublin could have a model, show-case international airport. The sort of place that is a relief and enjoyable to arrive at or departure from. It really wouldnt be hard or even expensive to do, and it could elevate our experience of public spaces and inspire us to demand and create more like it throughout the country.

But Duplex, “Do the Irish Mind?”. Doesnt seem like it. We seem to be a country full of cynical nihilists who care about nothing. We dont expect or want things to work well, we cope and laugh it off. Sad really.


Cork has a lovely airport BTW, can be the centre piece of our independent black pudding exporting republic of Cork. :wink:


The Irish Pay No Mind :imp:


I’m a regular user of two particular airports… Dublin and Schipol… the difference between the two is staggering.

Dublin airport is a disgrace… my own personal favourite is the introduction of the new tray system they have introduced at the security area.
Not happy with there being no space, they install these new counters that take up about 70-80& of the available floor space. It is pathetic.

And don’t get me started on the new Pier D.
Was there are bargain on 10m travelators? You have to walk most of the way back anyway and it has the feel of a building that was thrown together by a bunch of transition year students. And the security area they have you arriving into is designed to cater for about 50 people max. It should be bulldozed … with the DAA still in it.

While the new Cork airport building is nice… I still have issues with the fact that the walkways too and from the planes are not covered. Mind you… since the thing was built on top of a hill, the rain mainly blows in sideways anyway.


Oh yeah, the security area at Dublin airport…

Lol. Pier D has these very wide hallways to walk along and then bang. Airport security. You’ve to make a sharp u-turn and find your way through a maze of those nylon barrier thingys and students from Swords in pink t-shirts. Once you manage to show the copper your passport (I thought there was a common travel agreement between the UK & Ireland and you didn’t need to do this for UK flights), you’re ejected out into a little corridor and everyone has to squeez through a little gap the width of two doors. Genius. Obviously the guy who designed D pier didn’t bother to chat to the guy who designed the security arrivals hall.


If you look for better service in Ireland then usually people get very sh!tty with you. You usually receive a who-do-you-think-you-are attitude. The answer is of course that I *think *I’m the guy paying for this bad service. But Irish people in service positions aren’t interested in knowing about it. So we don’t complain and we put up with it and nothing changes


EDITED: and this applies all the way from the guy serving your dinner in a restaurant up to our TDs whose (overpriced) wages we pay.