IE Gov, Newsflash RTE 8.27pm - 21.11.2010

Some Biffo babble @ 8.15 according to … -15pm.html down for me just there.

Yip - seems to be having trouble refreshing. # users @ 1,877. Must have hit a 2k issue.I thought they had all been put to bed by now.

8.15pm was posted by David Cochrane

Slovak Finance minister says Euro Finance ministers have approved bailout. Belgian Finance Minsiter says < 100bn.

I wonder if 8.15 is to facilitate Biffos schedule to have a pitstop in the park before he gets last orders at Spollens :question:

Ye crashey all evening.
They were getting info from this twitter feed

9pm RTE 2, Master and Commander with Russell Crowe. An old fashioned rollicking romp of a movie.

Now, RTE Radio 1, Play of the Week. Sounds gloomy.

Nothing else going on I don’t think.

Pat Cox now on BBC News, saying ‘Ireland’s governing elite has been treating its electorate with considerable contempt over the last seven days.’

Live pics of conference stage on BBC News

RTÉ News Special Live 20:27

01:30:00 Worldwide [more info]

Live on sky no, still nothing on RTE

According to

a 3 year plan, gulp

Plenty on RTE, Bella, Damian… Is that the reason for the delay, Biffo checking out Fair City ???

May be 3 after the current budget?

Biffo said to be finalising plans for a new punt currency, backed by the full faith and confidence of the Blarney Stone… :open_mouth:

Don’t even joke about shit like that!

We’re on.

fook me, they watched Fair City - comical

RTÉ Live Now

Ok here we go

What’s that flag behind him? Irish?

5 bn tax rises and 10 bn spending cuts.