IE Gov, Newsflash RTE 8.27pm - 21.11.2010

Edit: double post

Banks will be made smaller - what does that mean?

the old fundamentals are sound (again)

Fewer deposits. :angry:

“Our balance of payments will move into surplus next year.”


Lenihan looks awful.

but how can AIB return to its former glory?

Look at that gormless sack of shit Cowen

He makes me sick looking at him

…‘as i said on radio eireann…’

Is I hearing things right… very little info on anything. I’ve missed a few of the comments others have picked up on.

G7 are now “in session” re the Irish bailout, sez Lenihan

Merged in some other posts.

Cowen not answering any questions and leaving it to Lenihan.

Dead duck Taoiseach.

The new spoof term for bailout is “facilities”

Cowen blames “abnormal markets”


“We will not be deflected…”… by democracy(?).


Do you feel ashamed you fuck! Answer the question

No, you’re right, OW.
Nothing specific on amount, rate of interest, repayment period. ‘Negotiations’ to take a few weeks, blah blah blah …

FFS- If I hear “our partners” again XX

A whole bunch of waffling and spoofing and very little substance. Nothing new here.