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Now, there may very well be a degree of “they would say that, wouldn’t they” attached to this, but, from the Irish Examiner, 12th April 2010


](Retail Ireland urges landlords to cut rental costs)

Blue Horseshoe

I work in retail. I am not a member of IBEC or ISME but you can’t ignore the fact that nothing of merit has been done to allow flexibility and dynamism in what is left of general commercial activity.

State Rules, Regulations & Policies constructed around a dubious period of “growth” have no bearing in a what is a new economic paradigm. Meltdown.

In terms of value for money its negative when it comes to the support systems the Irish Government claim to afford us all.

Ireland is destined to have less economic activity and yet the commercial sector is expected to output in taxes quadruple.

I could included the public sector in this formula but that I believe the state should not tax its own workers proves that state is in fact only constructed for the sake of the banks so its all a load of meaningless bollox.

To Ireland Bollox!

A significant part of the problem is that the ego of politicians is stroked by opening large and “sexy” FDI projects. 100, 200, 300, 400+ job announcements on the back of “government initiatives” make for headlines. The smaller indigenous retailer (who along with the wider SME sector is the real backbone of the economy) gets not just sidelined but shunned.

No one bats an eyelid at Ministers taking time and State resources to turn up to the (all be it very welcome) announcement of 300 new call centre jobs in Cork, but there is uproar if they were to turn up to the expansion of a small local shop/off-license/restaurant/factory for a ‘measly’ hand full of jobs.

The native SME and retail sectors (what in the UK are often referred to as the Corner Shop) represent the foundation of the economy. The big investments, by way of FDI or local money, with large job numbers are the icing on the cake. More needs to be done to support the small guys who have taken the reasonable risks*, create jobs and spread the wealth (which is at the end of the day, is the only reason any economy exists).

Blue Horseshoe

  • Reasonable risks in business as opposed to the suicidal herd mentality, wild speculation that has been glorified and passed off here as “entrepreneurial” over the last decade.