if any of us have a pair of balls....


we’d be co-ordinating a meet up outside the dail with placards protesting against the new ‘bail out first time buyers’ plan.
anybody care to go?


Sorry MB. Cashed mine in on my wedding day. :nin

But I’ll be there in spirit.


I’d go if I was there


So this is as far as the thread goes?


Idle talk, probably.


i’m not joking, anybody want to do this? or just get bent over and accept it?


I’m in. Tell me date and time and I’ll be there.


I’ll go. But only if there’s a riot. They’re great fun.


Fair play to you lads then lads. I can’t make it, but I do have a stack of letters ready to send out to my local Green Party representative, John Gormley and the newspapers.


Good enough. Letters, e-mails, standing outside the dail. All are very good.


Oh, I thought this was the thread for setting up a five a side team…

Carry on… :smiley:


I think that next week- thursday, that gives us all time to change schedules.
lunchtime - so nobody has to take too much time off work,

whoever has letters please post in this thread so that people who can’t go can write to their respective

If we can get at least 50 people going (bring friends!) it’ll be newsworthy, i’ll ask radio/tv people to come too
and get the message out there further. its time we all stopped tapping keys and stood up to this shyte.


I’ll go too. Not sure they’ll give us any coverage if it’s just for lunch though!


Excellent MB. Well done. A man who walks the walk.


I’ll go too, will be there any time after 1:30.

I’ll make a banner too, what would be the best thing to write on it?


I’m in. Awaiting further instructions.


When I saw the heading, I thought it was Brendan O’Connor telling us now is definitely the time to buy along with the really smart guys!


“Green Party - One Term Wonders.”


Looking forward to next Thursday - please advise exact TIME & PLACE of assembly!!



The website is looking good, I think it’d be a good idea to make up t-shirts with irishhometruths.com, but I don’t want to be a sap and be the only one to turn up in one??!!! :open_mouth: