if you could 'call on the government' what would you ask?

Tom Parlon is always ‘calling on the government’ to bail out builders, to stimulate house sales etc…

if you could call on the government what would you ask for?

(try to keep it somewhat serious!)

[personally i’d call on the government to stay out of the property market and let it do what it has to. ]

Selfishly - I’d ask them to introduce a new tax rate for anybody earning up to €80,000, maybe a 30% rate or some other way of reducing the tax paid by earners in this bracket. I didn’t rip this off from O’Leary, I have always thought it should be the case.

Societally - (you’ve covered the housing market), think long and hard before bailing out a bank, with the exception of covering people’s deposits.

Well, first I’d ask you what you mean by “IF”.

You “CAN” call on the government. It’s a fairly easy matter in this country to meet a TD, a minister, or even the Taoiseach, and you can ask them anything you want.

That said, I’d ask them for nothing. Just because you can find them doesn’t mean they’ll do anything, or take you seriously. The answer you’ll get will be whatever it takes to get away from you. Probably a promise to “look into it”.

Don’t waste your breath.


  1. stay out of the housing market
  2. take a hard line with public sector unions over pay demands, lead by example and take a 10% pay cut with a guaranteed wage freeze for the next 3 years (some hope)
  3. Introduce DC pension schemes for new entrants to public sector jobs and hold firm when unions start kicking up
  4. Close about 90% of our quangos
  5. Increase deposit protection for savers and allow banks to fail as a result of poor risk management (so that savers don’t pay for the mistakes of bank boards of directors)
  6. Burn Tom Parlon at the steak in Phoenix park in front of a huge audience
  7. Intern Bertie Ahern until the Mahon tribunal investigate his financial dealings

I would ask " When are you leaving" and “do you need a hand packing”?

I’d ask them to start reading The Pin :smiley:

Please do nothing to the housing market at the moment

…“Look sorry lads there just isn’t anymore work for ya, tough times and all, cuts back etc. etc… You can pick up your P45s on the way out…”

To keep their noses out of the property market. My blood boiled when I saw that story in the SBP about them looking into measures to stimulate the market. If they leave enough alone, the market will find its own level and people on good incomes won’t need to resort to AH to get a place.

And yes, I wouldn’t mind burning Tom Parlon at the stake either. I’ve got the petrol…

We all know the government sat by and felt proud as the boom got boomier, the easy solutions could have been implemented before now. There are no easy options any more.

  1. Apply a dereliction tax to unfinished, unsold estates. That would get the market moving.

  2. Up support for renters to the same levels as home owners enjoy. Introduce much stricter and robustly enforced regulation for renting, make long term renting a viable option for both the renter and the landlord.

  3. Reform bankruptcy laws.

  4. A property market barometer, whose sole function is to compile and release statistics on the property market. Sales and sale prices to be disclosed for a fee which will fund the running of the department. i.e. You can request accurate sale data for past 4 years for a particular estate/street.

  5. Revive the decentralisation plan. Make it mandatory. Consider buying ghost estates at knock-down (realistic) prices to house workers who choose to move.

  6. Change nothing in the property market.

  7. Scale back/abolish affordable housing. Either people get a council house or they buy one themselves. End of.

Introduce a property tax on empty houses.

And as someone mentioned earlier, Read the Pin and flog Tom Parlon.

Jail tax dodgers like the states

double time for any tax dodger in office

  1. Demand that they stop their clinics. This would effectively get rid of the Beverly “Turkey neck” Cooper Flynns.
  2. Guarantee that they will never introduce council tax (despite the bewildered on the Pin begging for the intrduction of this tax.)
  3. Demand Ahern faces trial and if convicted spends several years in Mountjoy while also loosing all this assets and money.
  4. Demand a follow up on Liam Lawlor and confiscate his families assets. Same for the family of Haughy, Lowry and the rest. Then put the money taken into building infrastructure into the various disadvantaged estates around the country that have´ñt even got a playground. Yes Lawlor, your crimes are not victimless.
  5. Demand every person in Irish politics disclose all interests and monies and then a full check to make sure they got it legally and make sure they are not hiding anything.
  6. Demand the slimey Greens carry out their election pledges. Especially their pledge to reduce the number of TDs and councilors. This in itself would help wipe out the clinics.

Its good to see the break from the Pin has mellowed you BB , nice summer hols then ?

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Break the public sector unions, they’ve had it too good for long enough and have held this public to randsom on way too many occasions…

Break the employers unions - IBEC, ISME, CIF, for gouging, profiteering, cartelising (?)against this public on a constant basis.

Back from the pub?

No, teetotaller.

You back from Tir na nÓg ?

Would be a bit harder to do since they don’t employ the members unlike the ones i mentioned. Still would be good to see some stricter regulation of them at least.

Cancel affordable housing schemes which seems to be social engineering for the benefit of the non-working class and the rich and means middle class people who should be able to choose a decent place don’t/can’t, all subsidised by taxpayers, madness.