If you had some rainy day money, where would you keep it?


Hi Guys,

The more i read, on this forum and elsewhere, the more nervous i get about the safety of my meager pile of rainy day money.

In the last while i have put some of this into Rabo Direct, based on a few things:
never have all your eggs in one basket,
they don’t have a impaired loan book,
they are not run by greedy feicless irish people (to the best of my knowledge),
and a healthy and long running distrust of all things banking in Ireland.

So, if we do default, how safe is my money in this bank compared to other guarantee covered banks?
Also have head talk of an extra tax on deposits, savings and pensions and all sorts of crazy things.

I guess what i am trying to say is, would I be better keeping it in the mattress?


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