If you're the police, who'll police the police?


I dunno, coast guard :question:

Garda investigation finds no evidence of corruption in quashing of penalty points

From the article:

I think they mean there is no evidence that any Gardai received any reward yet

In any case it’s stil wrong and how in god’s name won’t a single head roll over this?


Quelle surprise!!!

We don’t do accountability.



The fact that the Gardai usurped the Courts and quashed penalty points without reference to the Courts and in contravention of legislation is of itself corrupt. They have corrupted the penalty points system. They have acted in a corrupt manner by subverting the law.

Robert Pierse, road traffic law expert solicitor from Kerry, was brilliant on this point on the late debate some time back. Well worth a listen. He made ribbons of the Garda who was on the panel. He said the fact that the Garda was professing ignorance of the Act which was very clear was staggering. The Garda said it wasn’t his area of expertise. Pierse told him it was the Garda’s job to know and administer the law.


Another whitewash to add to the endless list.


Systemic & endemic Corruption


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


If any poster here was offered to have their points quashed, you’re telling me you wouldn’t grab it with both hands?


This is a bullshit argument

I’m of the opinion, do what you like - but be prepared to pay the consequences. Unfortunately in ireland there rarely are consequences for those who try put one over honest people

If you could make fortunes peddling heroin and pay off police to go unpunished would you?


I know of Garda that regularly quash penalty points and hand out those “car of the road / no car tax for me” forms.
I have not had to get points quashed, but I would ask if I was given points. But I only ask because I know I’d get them quashed.

This is now especially so since the Gov are allowing insurance companies access the penalty points database.


You never answered the question. What if you are caught without a seatbelt and the garda gives you a ticking off but no points, would you go along with that?


In relation to the first question:

No I wouldn’t. I’d never ask a guard to put himself in that position tbh (although I’d only know one guard who I’d call a friend). If I was told I was getting points and the letter never arrived I would keep my mouth shut however

In relation ot the next question you asked I’d shut my mouth and take what punishment I was given, in some cases that was a ticking off in others a fine and in one case points. We pay the guards to use their sense and discretion in relation to the law

We are mostly not talking about Guards using their “discretion” here, we are talking about wide scale removal of points on the basis of a nod and a wink to a guard we are friendly with

And you never answered my question


What’s that got to do with anything above? No one said that. Yours is a Strawman argument.


Answer the question please.


Your question is a fallacy as dealing with heroin is a criminal offense. People who don’t wear seat belts are not criminal, heroin dealers are.


Yes I would. Now answer my question.


Because a lot of those points were quashed for people like you, so my question is relevant.


when a cop lets you off with a warning he’s exercising discretion and saving himself a load of work.

When he quashes points already in the system he’s creating work, probably calling in favours so you are a lot more beholden to him


No but they are breaking the law and endangering themselves and probably others. Your attitude is if you can get away with it do it, why does this attitude not extrapolate to breaking other laws?

Your strawman argument above also makes political bribes OK, shur who wouldn’t have taken a few bob if they could get away with it. If you’ve ever been critical of FF or the Irish gombeen culture on here (I can’t remember if you have or haven’t) then your stance here makes a mockery of that



The argument above demonstrates the total lack of effectiveness of the judicial system in Ireland, there should be no debate about whether you would ask for the points to be removed, it should not be an option outside of an official procedure to appeal points. But no, in Ireland, the laws are there to be abused ad nauseum without fear of consequence and as such has become completely ineffective bar a few laws that are properly ring fenced. The whole judicial system is falling apart, judges see the same defendeant up to 100 times for relatively minor offences but each one has to stand on it’s own, no past offences taken into account, etc., a 3 strikes your out system or even 10 strikes ffs is needed so that a judge can actually do his/her job but no, better to keep them straddeled between inept law and social forebearance of light touch justice, no different to the light touch finanacial regulation that brought the country to it’s knees.

This finding on the points system abuse is pathetic to say the least but not unexpected. Just another step along the path to despair that Ireland has embarked upon through a total lack of moral authority in the leadership of the institutions of the state.