If you're the police, who'll police the police?


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The mad thing is that apparently she wasn’t even named!

And here is a page linking to the offending article, I think.

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but the link itself…

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“We can’t find what you’re looking for on IrishExaminer.com.”

I wonder if they’ll reinstate it. :smiley:

Here’s a quote from the article when it was up, via boards.ie

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I’m not going to copy/paste it. :smiley:


Just fn shocking and unbelievable to hear and see in his own words what they tried to do to McCabe.


thejournal.ie/martin-callin … 2-Nov2018/

What are the odds Callinan will have to fund his own defense?


Who is paying McCabe’s. I reckon a crowdfunder would be massively over subscribed.

I’d happily chuck in a few quid.


I’d be shocked if there wasn’t a queue of barristers and solicitors willing to do it on a no foal, no fee basis and after watching last nights program maybe even a few on a pro-bono basis


Personally I wouldn’t like to be guard in Co Roscommon this week.

As it was reported by the guards earlier in the week.

Long story short - Young guard is accused of assaulting two local very well known and respected men as they walked home at night just yards from their homes while he was investigating a reported burglary. Older man left with multiple fractures, younger man bruising and scrapes, guard injured ego. Older man lives less than 100 yards from Garda station and has done all his life, younger man 2 minutes walk further away. Neither local man known for ever assaulting anyone or any form of criminality at all. Supposedly 700 people on protest march today which is a massive turnout for a town of 2000+

Add this less than 20 miles away, today and last week irishtimes.com/news/crime-and-law/td-calls-for-calm-after-eight-security-guards-injured-in-eviction-house-attack-1.3733011 with the locals aiming a lot of anger the guards way.

I’m a long way away from this but I’ve had a number of calls from home about all this so I can only imagine how angry people are at home.


One to watch


That’s a strange article. The headline New intelligence unit to assess threats to State is barely mentioned as an aside within the article.

[emphasis theirs]


It looks like an unfortunate fudge where the compromise is worse than either of the options.

A committee doesn’t really take the kind of executive decisions that you need an intelligence agency to carry out.

Unlikely that a generalist civil servant in DoT would have the savvy or experience to make these kind of calls.


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Wrong question, right one is can we trust our lawmakers


Senior garda suspended pending ‘corruption in public office’ inquiry

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The omni-shambles continues

3,500 gardai investigated as youth crime scandal exposed
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The really shocking and worrying thing about all of that and the rest previouslly is that no-one is shocked or suprised, not really.


More garda bashing on Liveline now


AGS is a bit like a religious order.

Taking on simple country fellas at a very early point in their lives, giving them a comfortable living, but no exposure to a culture or way of doing things outside their own. Secrecy paramount, and promotion largely on seniority.

And like the religious orders when the abuse scandals hit in the 90s, complete inability to understand what they might have been doing wrong, never mind reform, and complete car crash stuff on public relations.


Court lets Harrison off the hook. What did you expect?

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And on the same day they announce another inquiry in the Gardai. :unamused:


Gardai have launched an internal review into the purchase of €16k worth of gym equipment for a garda station which was bought using funding from a District Court poor box. The review is also examining a €27k poor box payment used by the same station to buy a mini-bus for a community policing initiative.
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