If you're the police, who'll police the police?


You’ve already admitted that if you could get away with getting penalt points you would do it.

I asked a simple question so I do not see where you are getting your strawman argument accusation.

You are the only one here who is a making a mockery of anything. You’ve admitted that you would like to get off without paying a fine and penalties points. Yet you seem to slate others who would do the same thing, no?


Are you genuinely comparing someone not pointing out a mistake to someone asking a member of the police force to take a course of action that is a gross dereliction of their duty and brings the force into disrepute (could even be argued as perverting the course of justice)? This IMO (you’ll no doubt disagree) is akin to comparing someone who finds a tenner in the street and pockets it without trying to find the owner to someone who mugs an old lady to get the tenner


Why didn’t you just ring them and remind them about your fine and points? Surely you believe in justice?

But people may have good reason to ask them to wipe their points.

Nonsense, if you find a tenner in the street, how in all that is good and holy do you know it came from an old lady who was mugged? And if you did know that the tenner belongs to the old
lady, well give it back.

And you didn’t get penalty points by accident, you got them for a reason, baring of course in mind, the shooting fish in a barrel.


And if there was a good reason I’d have no problem with points being quashed. Of course I’m assuming each guard who has quashed points can explain the circumstances behind each “adjustment” if nothing untoward has taken place? The cases where they can’t are the case I’m worried about

applying your “logic” above surely the person who didn’t ring would simply assume the guard had a “moment of clarity” and retrospectively used discretion or simply changed his mind. No?

Nope, hence my comment

But surely the fish had to enter the barrel in the first instance to be shot (i.e. they broke the law, they may have been caught in a sneaky manner but broke the law nevertheless)? so how do can these 2 statements tie together:


You haven’t explained how your question is relevant to the issue of possible Garda corruption/bribery in relation to point quashing. The fact that I may be corrupt does not mean that the Garda are allowed to be, which is what I believe your argument is. Please elaborate on your answer.


Disciplinary action, what’s that all about? This isn’t some sort of minor internal issue. A crime has been committed, the result of an investigation should be charges.

Fact 1 - €9,000 has gone missing, at this stage it is accepted that is has been stolen.
Fact 2, it was stolen from a safe in an evidence room that a limited number of people have access to.

Perhaps the letter about disciplinary action is some sort of required legal step but it seems bizarre. The media are really treating this crime with kid gloves, not to mention the other two on-going investigations.


Playing devil’s advocate, the disciplinary action referred to could be on the basis of failure to follow procedures, if that failure made it easier for someone to steal the money undetected, and targeted at all Gardai involved rather than the person(s) who actually stole the money.


Granted I asked a question that wasn’t relevant to garda corruption.

The point I was trying to make is about Irish people wishing the law to apply to everyone else accept themselves.

So, if you were giving the opportunity to duck and dive your way out of penalty points, would you do it?


Never happen. I’ve watched enough TV to know that cops don’t rat each other out to internal affairs :smiley:


Ah, but you’re forgetting the one who sees through the bad cops, sleeps on his ex-girlfriends couch for three days and refuses to call in to the precinct while collecting damning evidence about his colleagues, and is saved from certain death in a thrilling denouement when the FBI rolls into town in the nick of time.

You’re right. Never going to happen.


Goes all the way to the top independent.ie/irish-news/co … 07109.html


A Garda is on duty 24 hours a day :wink:


Aren’t they exempt from wearing seatbelts also?


Yip, along with Taxi drivers and Driving Test Examiners as far as I remember.


Taxi drivers? WTF :question:



Original whistleblower on Pat Kenny at the moment


This is going to be bad for us common folk now.

The elite and well connected will still have their points squash, while gardaí will not be as obliging to squash ours.


But, we all now know you can write to the local super asking to wipe the points off for speeding because the wife was about to give birth or Johnny fell off the swing…


Is there any flaw to the idea that the courts should be the only ones to decide whether points should be revoked or not?