If you're the police, who'll police the police?


Curious that some people can’t see that surrounding and banging a car while chanting ‘peaceful protest’…is…not actually…a peaceful…protest.


That’s absolutely true but that doesn’t give the excuse the guards from committing the jailable offence of perjury.

Also, bare in mind, they haven’t being (the protesters) found guilty of anything.


It’s win-win for RBB and always has been.

The Gardaí and/or DPP should have kept up the remarkable forebearance that they showed throughout the “crisis” and ignored him*.

What he did to Burton was no worse than what I’ve seen him do to commuters (who pay his salaray, and no doubt hefty legal fees) countless times on Kildare Street, as Gardaí (presumably under orders) stood back and watched.

If he’s acquitted, victory parade this weekend. If he’s convicted, victory parade in a few months time.

And many valid points will be made about the handling of Sean FitzPatrick’s trial and Garda perjury.

*Alternatively, they could’ve cracked him over the head the first time he illegally sat down in front of a car.


I don’t think RRB (Richard Boyd Barrett) was on trial here, I think you mean Paul Murphy?


Appologies. A pretty stupid mistake on my part. I don’t dislike PM as much, and I’m quite sure that it was RBB that I’ve witnessed blocking (or encouraging others to block) traffic on Kildare street…back when I used to attend, and feel alienated by, protests.


SIPTU have had senior retired members at the whole trial and I’ve heard that they believe the judge has been horrendous. Apparently the judges summation was basically restating the prosecution case and just stopped short of directing the jury to convict.


What has this criminal trial got to do with SIPTU?


It’s about the right to protest. SIPTU are in the protest business.


Nobody’s denying anyones right to protest. Anyway, I’ve probably derailed the thread enough.


Have you seen the Garda helicopter footage? This is the footage that the Jury have just asked to view again.


Terrifying stuff.


On a side issue, David Begg (former INTO Union Leader and close Labour Party supporter) made a claim that Joan Burton’s advisor in the car was ‘badly beaten and kicked’ at the protest. No video evidence or Garda report of the assault exists. Indeed, the person who was supposedly ‘badly beaten and kicked’ never made any allegation and as far as I can tell was never out of the car.

Here’s the Irish Times article (22 Nov 2014)

irishtimes.com/news/politic … -1.2011881

All the evidence seems to suggest that this was a complete fabrication.

David Begg has some questions to answer and while he’s at it maybe he could explain why Joan Burton appointed him to the Pensions Authority barely a year later.


I think they’re in serious trouble if the jury convict irrespective of any errors on the trial judge’s part. The whole country knows that an Irish Minister and her staff were effectively detained against their will. I can’t see the Superior Courts overturning a case which effectively involves an attack on the democratic institutions of the state. This is a serious crime which threatens the democracy I live in. I hope that the jury and the courts send out a serious message to these people and others who think that they can impose their will on people with threats and intimidation.


Jobstown trial: Six found not guilty of false imprisonment

irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3137761


Pathetic stuff. They have all been found NOT GUILTY.

What a surprise. :unamused:


The jury obviously concluded Joan Burton and the Gardaí hung around for their own amusement.


No need - the man is innocent of all charges :frowning:


Anyone who looked at the evidence would have seen that this verdict was inevitable. No fear of that around here.


You seem to be making fun of a woman feeling terrified about having a mob surrounding her car and banging it. Shame on you. Such lack of empathy.


No, I was actually laughing directly at YOU.


If Joan had genuinely been imprisoned there wouldn’t have been a garda helicopter hovering overhead several hours in with a bunch of lads chatting about how everything was grand.