If you're the police, who'll police the police?


So who decided to go ahead with this case, the DPP?


I’d love to see how much resources the state put into this case as opposed to an actual kidnapping case like the Tiger Raids that happened in the middle of this decade.


I think Joan will come out of this the biggest loser.
She should have just let it go.


In fairness, it would be very be hard to let something go, especially when it involves that insufferable Trotskyite bollix Paul Murphy and his mob of work shy layabouts.

He’ll be twice the insufferable bollix now, that is the real pity of all this.


Yep, at the taxpayers expense XX


On the contrary the sympathy generated for her probably saved Joan’s seat. Murphy also did a a fair bit of damage to the anti water charges movement while he was at it.


Yeah, how is your Water Charges thing coming along? I haven’t heard about it much for a while.


This makes no sense.

What could she have let go?

This was not a civil action, it was a public prosecution.

She gave evidence in court as is her obligation in the circumstances.


It was her obligation to give evidence. It is a matter for the Gardaí and the DPP whether to prosecute or not.
Hopefully the case going to Court has highlighted to people the true nature of Murphy’s character.


What ever you think about Mr Murphy, he has been found innocent.

You should be more worried about cops deliberately lying whilst under oath and on the stand.


That’s a very interesting point. Given that there wasn’t anything unusual about this protest from a policing perspective it seem unlikely that the drive to secure prosecutions came from Gardaí. Certainly they didn’t see the need to arrest any of the innocent parties at the time. So where did the pressure to secure prosecutions come from? Make no mistake, there’s a very interesting story to be told about why these prosecutions were attempted and it has confirmed the worst suspicions that a lot of people have about how ‘Justice’ is used to defend power in this country.

I fully agree. I never particularly liked the chap but he has certainly come out of this whole affair looking very well. All the media attacks on him have blown up in their faces.


‘In response to a request from TheJournal.ie, An Garda Síochana said: “An Garda Siochana do not comment on matters which are or have been before the courts.”’

…or will be before the courts. So basically, if you want a comment you’re shit out of luck. Unless they decide to call a press conference and spin whatever bullshit pops into their heads.


Contrary to your claim, there is no evidence that David Begg has ever been INTO leader. In fact, all the evidence seems to suggest your claim is a complete fabrication.


Yeah that should be ICTU, not INTO.


Getting off topic but it comes to defending teacher’s rights, ICTU and INTO are as uselful as farts in spacesuits


Genuine question but is there a helicopter video of the whole incident (several hours?) with the Gardai expressing calm about the situation throughout? The (short) helicopter clip linked where the Garda audio (seemingly correctly) downplays the incident seems to be quite late on in the time period. I haven’t followed this closely but I have seen one or two disturbing videos which indicate a case to answer by individuals (not necessarily those charged ). The short helicopter video tells a different story certainly but is it the only helicopter video?


Genuine question but what do you think of the gardaí who deliberately lied under oath and committed an act of perjury? Do you not think that is disturbing?


The DPP had to tell Murphy who has a law degree not to be live tweeting from the court…


Paul Murphy has a *phd *in law I believe.


maybe they can get them on incitement to hatred? Or does that only apply to minorities?
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