If you're the police, who'll police the police?


doherty is a TD , the guards do the bidding of a lot smaller fish than her


Desperate attempts in the Dáil to distract from the call for an inquiry into the Jobstown affair. Looks like everything will be done to avoid scrutiny of what actually happened in Court. Varadkar says Murphy ‘got a fair trial’ which ignores the fact that everyone now agrees that there wasn’t any case to answer and that there is a very unpleasant whiff off the Garda evidence. People are getting a bit sick of the Blueshirt boot.

And the Disclosures Tribunal is throwing up some extraordinary information about the McCabe Tusla ‘smear/stitch up’/‘litany of errors’. When all the details are put on a chronological order I expect the questions are going to get awkward. I read the point earlier that it’s worth remembering that if Maurice McCabe hadn’t recorded his meeting he’d most likely have been resigned to history as a disgruntled paedophile.

And more frustrated investigations revealed at the PAC inquiry into the million fake breath tests and 15000 wrongful convictions…
irishexaminer.com/ireland/ga … 54623.html

We have a serious problem.


The Gardai are corrupt from top to bottom, it’s a plain as the nose on my face. the only way to resolve it is to dissolve the organisation and reform it under a commissioner appointed from an external source - never likely to happen.


I think what’s interesting is the way the Garda Commissioner has decided to defy the Taoiseach’s wishes. Read his Primetime comments and her Justice committee comments in succession

thejournal.ie/leo-varadkar-j … 1-Jul2017/

thejournal.ie/jobstown-garda … 5-Jul2017/

I can understand her trolling Mary Lou. But she can’t troll Leo and have a long career ?


This is shocking to read.

integrityireland.ie/ON%20GAR … LOWERS.pdf


Sunday Times have run a story suggesting the motive behind the aggressive tweets is retribution for her exposing Sein Fein’s systemic cover up of abuse and rape.

Perhaps it is time for a public enquiry :slight_smile:


Another jaw dropping day at the Disclosures Tribunal relating to how the below story got published

m.independent.ie/irish-news/cour … 79316.html


Paul Williams day at the Disclosures Tribunal.

disclosuretribunal.ie/en/DIS/DAY … OSURES.pdf

Bizarre stuff, most of which raises a lot more questions.

Who was the videographer who went along with Paul Williams to record the ‘formal’ interview with Ms D? Noirin O’Sullivan’s son. But most bizarrely, there is no indication of which allegation she was being interviewed about.


I didn’t have time to read the full report. Does it actually say that O’Sullivan’s son was the videographer? :open_mouth: If so that is truly shocking. One can only begin to imagine the scurrilous smirking that went on.


Page 70.

If you want a really, really interesting read I highly recommend that people read that entire day’s transcript. Read it. It’s brilliant.

It’s a masterclass by Michael McDowell, and Paul Williams testimony is fascinating when you consider all the things that he is trying not to say. He comes across very poor. Denying that he ever heard of the journalist Gemma O’Doherty is particularly funny given that they worked together in the same office and she was sacked for doorstepping Callinan at the height of the penalty points scandal, and she successfully sued the Indo.


Thank you for that…so this is the guy McGowan who is the Commissioner’s son who is Paul Williams wingman - good god!
independent.ie/irish-news/ne … 46708.html

I don’t understand the reserve of McDowell in making the point - should it not be a headline?


A good choice of word that.

We now know that a Photographer, that Williams has worked extensively with, is also a member of the Garda Reserve, & as such would have access to the PULSE system …

I really, really hope that the inquiry now demands a full list of all queries this person made on the PULSE system, & goes thru it line-by-line to see if there was a legitimate reason for each one.

I any other country, there would be no question of someone with such a clear conflict of interest having access to private citizens records; regardless of whos offspring they were !


The videographer bit is funny, but it’s even better in the context of the rest of the testimony.

Another funny bit is where Paul Williams is trying to downplay his involvement in organising for Ms D to pass her allegation to the political establishment. He says he ‘helped her out’ by phoning Michaél Martin’s office. Nothing more than that. Just spoke to somebody in the office. Oh, and he collected her from the train, drove her to the office, waited for her to come out of the meeting, and then drove her back to the train station, but did not discuss the meeting with her. No way. And same with the Alan Shatter meeting. Organised the meeting, collected her from the train, waited around, drove her back to the station, but didn’t discuss the meeting with her.

Paul Williams puts the ‘hack’ in hackney.


The Sunday Indo has a column on this today but no mention of McGowan!!!

Williams versus McDowell: the battle of the big beasts at the Disclosures Tribunal
A leading journalist came out fighting, wanting to set the record straight at the Disclosures Tribunal, writes Shane Phelan
independent.ie/irish-news/co … 58054.html

No comments allowed on this piece!


It reads more like a Waterford whispers article. But at least WW has some credibility


The days transcript is completely at odds with Shane Phelan’s assessment. Williams gets his ass handed to him repeatedly.

I just still think that a huge sneaky game is still being perpetrated on McCabe. The indo piece states that “the dpp found no basis for a prosecution” It suggests that more “finding” might be in order. The actual letter from the DPP is on page 39 of the transcript. It categorically states that having examined Ms D and family’s statements there was no crime.


Only heard about this on the radio today. Looks like the good Commish who assured us she always had the best interests of the Gardai in mind tried to jump ship.

irishexaminer.com/breakingne … 00049.html

She didn’t get the job :frowning:

irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3186802

That explained her request for extended leave.


I would have thought she was already damaged beyond repair, but surely now she has to be replaced.
How can you champion yourself as a reformist when you tried to abandon ship?


I wonder how much this breath test scandal has cost the tax payer, after all why else do it?


It most probably cost some people their lives.