If you're the police, who'll police the police?


I don’t understand what you mean? Are you suggesting gardaí who took themselves off the streets to process false claims, missed chances to catch the real drink drivers?



The fraud was not suspected because a change in behaviour by motorists in general was thought plausible?


According to the Sunday Business Post, the Garda Commissioner only has to tough it out until the end of November before she becomes eligible for a €100k pension and €300k lump sum. Enough to make most people a bit brazen.


O’Sullivan gone - “retiring” from today.

rte.ie/news/2017/0910/90365 … -retiring/


What intrigues me about the whole breath-testing scandal is how the Road Safety Authority and others escape without blame. The RSA in particular grossly exaggerated the proportion of drink driving deaths - by including passenger and pedestrian alcohol figures in their campaigns. To this day, journalists confuse “alcohol-related” fatalities with drink-driving fatalities.

And by forcing down the drink-drive limit, they put a huge extra workload on the Gardai…one which was never going to be achieved

Same thing happened in Australia a decade ago…

couriermail.com.au/news/quee … 42043f47a4
QUEENSLAND police are faking alcohol breath tests so they can meet a “stupid” political quota of three million drink driving checks a year, senior officers say.
They claimed overworked frontline police routinely manipulated SD-400 alcometers to generate dozens of false “zeroes” in a few minutes.


The next commissioner needs to be from outside the force.


Fixed that 4 you. :-GC


Yes and no.

Walking while drunk is estimated to be as hazardous per kilometre as driving.


Dónal Ó Cualáin has taken up the role of acting Garda Commissioner…
He was previously a sergeant on the Aran Islands, then a Superintendent and then Chief Superintendent of the Galway division.

I suppose Aran Islands qualifies as ‘outside’


If you want a laugh look at the video from the 9 O’Clock news of Paul Reynolds interviewing the GRA - Gardai reject falsifying breath tests


Leo Varadkar (Taoiseach?) commenting on this on RTE Radio 1. Somehow he managed to miss the key point of the GRA statement that senior management had ordered the rank and file to falsify the breath tests and the falsification had been done under duress. Instead Mr Varadkar heaped the blame on the rank and file members.

If anyone expects reform of the Gardaí under Fine Gael this is a further indication that it will never happen.


Does it say that though? gra.ie/14-09-2017a/

It does read to me like ‘rank and file’ members were pressured to meet targets, but nowhere states that they were explicitly told to falsify this particular statistic.

If meeting targets is part of your job and you can’t do it, you don’t just make shit up.

The statement looks like it’s trying to excuse that. The problem in the Gardai goes from top to bottom - it’s not a case of ‘lions led by donkeys’ here.


Just for a complete picture, Leo was on the news there saying ran anf file Gardai must be held to account individually for faking the tests. AND Gardai management also shoudl be held responsibl for encouraging/pushing the behaviour in the chase for stats


Just like the Housing Crisis and the Health Crisis, it seems now that reform of the Gardaí and Dept of Justice was another issue that Fine Gael just couldn’t manage, and all their arsing around now looks likely to collapse the Government. Of course Fianna Fail might allow Frances Fitzgerald to resign before they have to torpedo the ‘confidence and supply’ arrangement but the longer Micheal Martin allows Leo Varadkar to hobble along as Taoiseach the weaker his own leadership appears. Can they get to the Christmas break? Maybe, but first they have to get to the end of next week, and a lot is going to happen between now and then. There may be trouble ahead…

In other news, the Acting Garda Commissioner has decided that no one should be held accountable or disciplined for the millions of fake breath tests.

Edit: Special meeting of the FG Parliamentary Party has been called for tonight at 10pm. Simon Coveney saying that the government will stand behind Frances Fitzgerald. The chance of an election has risen significantly.


Mid January election being mooted.

Varadkar says Fine Gael are standing behind Frances Fitzgerald. Fianna Fail have called their own no confidence motion. That’s the end of ‘confidence and supply’, so now an election is pretty much inevitable.


Can’t see the election teams or even the candidates wanting a Jan election. Dark evenings, crap weather, having to work hard over xmas.
Don’t see it happening


The Fitzgerald matter will be forgotten about after the first week of the campaign. All the focus then will move onto the Brexit talks where Leo will use the veto. This will lead to a boost in the FG poll ratings and will result in them increasinng their number of seats and retaining their position as the largest party.


Do Fianna Fail really want to go to the country against SF now?

I reckon it’s bluster which Martin will reign back in if Leo won’t give him a scalp. He’s threatening to pull the plug now only to align FF with SF in the eyes of the voters.


Ok so overseeing the Gardai we have the Garda Ombudsman, Garda Inspectorate, and the Policing Authority. As well as multiple Tribunals.

Do we now need some independent agency to oversee the Department of Justice. They’re just so opaque and mendacious we need that now ? The Justice Agency. The department is just a vortex.

Imagine if McCabe hadn’t found that recording of his conversation. I wonder can the electorate really put themselves in his shoes. I doubt it. People usually feel really poor in January. I wouldn’t fancy being a government fighting an election.

Leo’s diplomats are telling all of Europe that the Tories are in turmoil, but he’s the one who has an election ? Ultimately because he’s had 3 Justice ministers in a row who had rings run around them by the mandarins and the Gardai. It’s all a bit Tin Pot South American


This is the text of the email. If this is the quality of writing at the top of the civil service it’s no wonder that we have dysfunctional government.