If you're the police, who'll police the police?


There were nearly 30 first-time TDs among the **supporters **of the government.

All of them would be very nervous at facing re-election particularly because their pension rights only kick in after two years…

Elections are **really **expensive. Parties cannot raise large amounts of funds anymore and a campaign would flatten most of them.

I have always maintained and continue to do so that there will be no election until 2019 at the earliest.

This is just political journalists talking up a crisis because it makes them look like they’re doing something useful.


A Garda internal audit report has said that “no assurance” can be given that procurement rules were being properly followed on major IT contracts with Accenture.
rte.ie/news/2018/0107/93157 … -concerns/

Faint whiff of kickbacks, aka corruption, to senior Gardaí.
A vocal TD says this is widespread in the public sector: "It occurs to me this is a common theme through every single public body which comes before us; non-compliance with procurement rules, although the value of the non-compliance is at a level here we haven’t seen before,"


Accenture hired a number of retired Gardai for the Pulse system work, so you’d assume the relationship with AGS is fairly deep.

With their charge out rates for consultants being off the scale, you can imagine why they want to avoid open and transparent procurement processes.


I was talking to a Detective back around October who’s based in my area in Dublin. There had been 5 robberies that week in the locality.
He entered them to Pulse as such but the local Super, upon reviewing that stats for that period, had 3 of them downgraded to criminal damage. His reasoning: nothing was reported stolen in those 3 incidents despite the perp gaining access to the house.
And this messing with stats going on at a time when there has never been a greater focus on the info coming out of the Gardai. They don’t give a fek.

Gardaí claim number of burglaries down at end of 2017
Provisional figures show rate dropped 23 per cent between October and December
irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3351762


GRA is dysfunctional says the Sindo, referring to an internal GRA audit.
25% (€658k) of 2016 ordinary garda fees spent by GRA chiefs on expenses, meetings and so on

Imagine that!
€2.5m go from ordinary garda subscribers every year to the GRA. The State gives €125k per year.
Money well spent?


More news today about Garda & drugs collusion in Midlands
Internal garda probe into reappearance of missing drugs
I assume it is linked to Gda Keogh said his life has been destroyed since presenting allegations of criminal wrongdoing in the Midlands, where he was deployed.


Four garda suspended over claims of cocaine use in public
The three men and a woman aged in their 20s and 30s were informed that they had been suspended from duty late on Monday night as a part of a massive Garda internal disciplinary probe. No drugs found.


Another Garda probable suicide
irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3388318


You`d have to look into whether the suicide rate is higher than normal, its a big organisation and some of them have access to guns so as grim as it sounds it isnt unusual for suicidal people to prefer kill themselves with a gun than via another methods


Garda analysts “put through 15 months of torment” because they refused to sign off on fake homicide statistics?

Two women bullied by top brass when they stood up for their professional standards to expose the truth about the most serious crimes?

This will catch fire :open_mouth:

Busy week for Garda media management while Sgt. McCabe gives evidence. :angry:

If a police force fakes homicide data, what’s a million breath-tests?

irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3418654


Pathetic stuff. People too busy ass covering to do a productive days work.


That homicide stats scandal is barely news, yet if this was two years ago, it would have shocked the State to its core.
Donegal TD Thomas Pringle made the point that we need to sack the top 200 garda and sever the DoJ connection to the Garda. It is politicians who decided/decide which person gets the top jobs, ergo a garda needs political connections to progress. He alluded there is more scandals to come.


Two days of bizarre headlines and reporting and quoting on Maurice McCabe by the Irish Times. Are they annoyed that RTE and Mick Clifford and Broadsheet have done all the running on the story ?

irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3420234

irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … 0?mode=amp


and the leader of the homicide inquiry appears to have been an assistant commissioner appointed by noirin o Sullivan that same year. It’s worrying that this isn’t even the old guard protecting their position, instead this was an appointee (since hastily retired) who was expected to succeed Osullivan.


This keystone cops BS is exactly the kind of stuff Maurice Mc Cabe was complaining about in Cavan. I have no faith in Garda anymore and I can’t understand why other people don’t care… ’

All this over an unpaid TV licence’ - innocent young woman sent to Mountjoy Prison in case of mistaken identity

independent.ie/irish-news/n … 85145.html


That’s a proper balls up alright it’s Kafkaesque. She’s too forgiving on the Guards saying she holds them no ill-will. If they’d’ve shown her the bench warrent which she asked for and I’m pretty sure she’s entitled to see, she could have sent them on their way no harm no foul. They processed her without verifying her identity.


Another chapter in the Ian Bailey saga.

irishexaminer.com/viewpoint … 69703.html

Note the huge spread in estimated costs:2 to 5 million. Considering the work was finished years ago. Pick a number and try to get it past the Master :confused:

Of course, Bailey won’t pay the State’s costs, we will :imp:

His own lawyers will call it pro bono - they knew the risks when they took the case

20 years of futile Garda work - barking up the wrong tree or botched investigation?


Former Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan sought her resignation, but IMoS reveals the full story of a commended female detective and her six-year battle to save her career, after she unearthed a scandal in her local garda station


Hard to know what to think of the situation unfolding tonight in Cherrywood…heartbreaking for the family of the girl - who is still missing.

independent.ie/irish-news/m … 27868.html
A man being sought in relation to the disappearance of student Jastine Valdez has been shot dead during an armed garda operation this evening. Gardai had been searching for the driver of a black Nissan jeep in relation to the disappearance of the 24-year-old.
This evening in Cherrywood a man in his 40s was shot dead during a garda operation.
The man is from the Bray area and understood to be a father of two.


Is there any chance the media and police could stop this “Father of 2/4/10” stuff after every crime ? Why is it always reported ? How is it relevant ? Is there an implication that this should be taken info account ? It’s not like he stole a loaf of bread to feed the family.