If you're the police, who'll police the police?


Because in addition to the victim and her family, the family of the perpetrator will be utterly devastated by this turn of events. Graham Dwyer’s family will have been similarly devastated and they also are wholly innocent.


nonsense. We don’t know what their home life was like. I suspect they’re immensely better without an abductor there. Publicising the wife and children only adds to the attention on them and is partly in the media’s self interest by enabling follow up background pieces about his home life.

It is also maybe inadvertently partly in the perpetrator’s interest. They do it for career criminals too where the adults in the family is entirely aware of they’re all living off the proceeds of crime. But it creates the pretence of a stable home life and Sunday dinners and is designed to humanise perpetrators and show they had a “home life” separate to their criminal actions. It’s like a little bit of advanced character witness testimony, ‘ah but sure he was a good daddy when he wasn’t robbing or abducting’


We don’t know, and yet you’re happy to speculate.

Usual right wing lynch mob attitude, total lack of empathy.


Agreed. Totally irrelevant information. It’s as though the Irish media places higher value on the lives of parents than citizens without children. Recall when that school teacher, Hawe, slaughtered his entire family, in the immediate aftermath he was praised as a family man. The reporting of it seemed to want to convey that it was inconceivable that this family man could have really carried out those murders. Is it the idea that a person who has had unprotected sex resulting in offspring is a better person?

I await a headline along the lines of “A woman has been killed in a traffic accident. She had no children”.


I think you’re overthinking it. The media are filling out the story with whatever information they can put their hands on. It adds colour and gains eyeballs.


But why does the Irish media rely so much on that fact (being a father/mother of x number of children) to add colour? There are plenty of facts about people that add colour. Is it more tragic when a parent dies than when a person without children dies? Is it not obvious that when a person dies there will de devastated people? I especially don’t understand it here when it’s about road traffic deaths.


I don’t, but I doubt they knew he was an abductor or whatever else he was. This is going to be massively traumatic on that family. It’s also of interest to people how seemingly normal the perpetrator is at a superficial level, similar to Dwyer.


Their trauma is not a matter for public concern, surely? (Unlike the need to know that there is an abductor on the loose/dead and a woman missing).


The alleged abductor is dead. Once the victim is located do you expect all coverage will end?


The media are not an outlet for public service announcements, they’re (with the possible exception of RTE) for-profit enterprises competing for attention.


Indeed. I suppose it speaks to the level of intelligence of the consumers of such information.


The average person is interested in any information about the people central in newsworthy events, where they live, what they do, previous criminal histories etc. Marital status is just one of these and victims or perpetrators having children will have an obvious effect on these. Its just a natural human angle. Its also a small country here and there are only a few degrees of separation between most people.


Down under:

abc.net.au/news/2018-05-30/v … ts/9817846


Should be an interesting contrast.


didnt that happen in Eire too?


Couldn’t get a better opportunity to benchmark our acceptance of corrupt behaviour. Although, there is a chance that Australia is contaminated by our own attitudes considering its history. Probably no doubt what would happen if it was in Germany or Sweden.

In other news, its ok if the guards don’t do their job so long as it isn’t illegal…



It’s been going on for well over a decade. Hot Press covered it 10 years ago and kinda predicted the Irish breath test debacle. (The Road Safety Authority made un-achievable demands on the Gardai - simple maths could have told them that.)

hotpress.com/Gardai-Breath-T … 36052.html
*“Meanwhile, Australia – the only English speaking country with the 0.05 five limit – has had its own problems with enforcing the lower limit. A report by the Ombudsman for Western Australia, following an investigation into a breath-testing scam, found that between September 2000 and March 2001, random breath-testing statistics “were systematically falsified with evidence that 93.5% of recorded random breath tests during that period were falsified.” Overall, at least 35% of Australian random breath tests were false.”

"There was a huge outcry at the time, yet the problem arose again as recently as last October. According to Brisbane’s Courier-Mail, police officers “routinely manipulated alcohol testers to generate fake negative readings so they can meet a quota of three million breath tests a year.” Police claimed they are too overworked to meet the quota, with one Brisbane officer who retired in 2004 saying that for more than a decade he was “faking an average of five tests for every legitimate one he performed.”

The article finishes (perhaps ironically, given what we now know) with the lines:“We can only hope our own law enforcement officers don’t follow Australia’s “best practice” methods”, before considering the increased pressure being put on the Gardai to follow the misguided Australian model*


This story featured on Primetime last Tuesday. It’s an absolute indictment of our justice system from the Gardai half doing their jobs to Judges and their liberal use of bail laws. All watched over by our legislature which is packed full of barristers and solicitors who’s former colleagues benefit from repeat offenders via the legal aid system.
My heart goes out to Mrs O’Farrell in her fight for justice. She has been massively let down by her State and it’s systems


Pornstar accepted to join Gardai, now faces questions whether he is suitable
Trainee garda suspended after it’s discovered he featured in a porn film before he entered the force as internal probe launched
Internal probe. tee hee hee


“Many tribunal witnesses not telling the truth” says Supreme Court Judge !
irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … 4?mode=amp