If you're the police, who'll police the police?

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Wrong question, right one is can we trust our lawmakers

Senior garda suspended pending ‘corruption in public office’ inquiry

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The omni-shambles continues

3,500 gardai investigated as youth crime scandal exposed
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The really shocking and worrying thing about all of that and the rest previouslly is that no-one is shocked or suprised, not really.

More garda bashing on Liveline now

AGS is a bit like a religious order.

Taking on simple country fellas at a very early point in their lives, giving them a comfortable living, but no exposure to a culture or way of doing things outside their own. Secrecy paramount, and promotion largely on seniority.

And like the religious orders when the abuse scandals hit in the 90s, complete inability to understand what they might have been doing wrong, never mind reform, and complete car crash stuff on public relations.

Court lets Harrison off the hook. What did you expect?

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And on the same day they announce another inquiry in the Gardai. :unamused:

Gardai have launched an internal review into the purchase of €16k worth of gym equipment for a garda station which was bought using funding from a District Court poor box. The review is also examining a €27k poor box payment used by the same station to buy a mini-bus for a community policing initiative.
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Credit where it’s due, a quick recovery of precious heritage.

No mention of any arrests, however. This was a lousy theft and I hope the thieves get serious punishment:

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Great to see the Guards get ahead when they put their mind to it!




The Bill has been renamed the Policing, Security and Community Safety Bill to reflect the addition of a part to provide for the establishment of the Independent Examiner of Security Legislation.