Ilhan Omar



Ilhan Omar and people like her are the future of the Democrats, Omar won her seat from Phyllis Kahn, I wonder when she lost the primary did it occur to Phyllis that importing so many Somalis to Minnesota isn’t such a great idea after all, the muslims were imported to vote for Phyllis (doing a job Americans no longer want to do) not take her job

Take a look at the list of big donors, I doubt the likes of Bloomberg or Soros want to donate their millions to a party controlled by Omar or Keith Ellison, or course 20 years from now Soros won’t be giving money to anyone, will be interesting to see if his son takes up the slack

Despite only being in office since 2017 Omar is already having an effect, a number of the candidates in the race to lose to Trump won’t be attending the AIPAC this year

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US

A glimpse at the guest list for the Rev. Al Sharpton’s confab here this week would surely astonish any New Yorker arriving in a time machine from the 1980s. Every major Democrat who has launched a White House bid has cleared their schedule to get in front of the Reverend.

Few things once seemed more improbable, save perhaps for the White House being occupied by Donald Trump, who once competed with Sharpton for screaming tabloid headlines and airtime on what was then a nascent medium known as “trash TV.”

But today, Sharpton’s approval is sought by political candidates far and near. The crusadeshe launched decades ago against police abuse and racist enforcement of drug laws — back when his issues were widely denigrated as fringe and his look ran to velour tracksuits, giant gold medallions and a pompadour the size of Queens — are now central to the speeches of almost every Democratic 2020 hopeful.

The lifelong preacher and political bomb thrower, the man New York mayors once did not want in their city, much less near their offices, says it is not he who has changed, but the nation’s politics.

“I don’t think I am a different type of leader, I think these are different times,” he said in a phone interview days before the candidates arrived in New York. “It is more the evolution of Sharpton than the changing of Sharpton.”

Its worrying that the Democrats hoping to win the primaries have to bow down and lick the boots of an illiterate scam artist. He told us it was coming, but poor Tom Wolfe died too soon, he would have loved this


A sea change has taken place in American political life. The force driving this change is the digital era style of moral politics known as “wokeness,” a phenomenon that has become pervasive in recent years and yet remains elusive as even experts struggle to give it a clear definition and accurately measure its impact. Where did it come from? What do its adherents believe? Is it just something happening inside the Twitter bubble and on college campuses or is it really spreading across the social and cultural landscape and transforming the country as sometimes appears to be the case? In reality, “wokeness”—a term that originated in black popular culture—is a broad euphemism for a more narrow phenomenon: the rapidly changing political ideology of white liberals that is remaking American politics.


What do you think is the overall aim of that entire piece?


Pressing the panic button ! They have lost control of the Awokening. It’s impossible to control it so what we’ll see to bolster the Israeli position is more Holocaust films and films with palestinian terrorists who just hate everyone for no reason at all and are impossible to reason with.