"Ill couple in appeal for funds to save their home"

If it were you…

right so bail out developers with tax money while these people have to go public to look for funds

That’s awful, the situation could happen to anyone. I wouldn’t mind throwing a few quid into the pot.

To who - the developers? You wont have to throw it into the pot yourself the government will kindly do it for you :wink:

What paper is this from??? Is there an actual link?

independent.ie/national-news … html?r=RSS

I’m confused. Cant they just convert the living room into a bedroom? And use a comode? Whats the 40,000 for?


Widen doorways - make wheelchair accessible.
Lower counter tops in kitchen.
Wheel in shower (means turning bathroom into a wetroom).
Handrails in bathrooms and bedrooms that can take the full weight of a person.
Going through the design process in a bungalow and it’s an expensive process.

Sounds like at least one of these are terminally ill. Paying for home help be more practical.

I disagree. We should cancel the home help scheme and bail out the builders instead.

Stop, all of yez.

Sick people at their wits (and finances) end is not a fit subject for jest. Not even slightly.

If you wish to help them, do so. If you don’t, don’t.

Excuse me I’m being serious. They need home help not home renovation! Wheelchairs can get in doors without ramps, people can be given sponge baths! and you can use a camode… none of these things cost 40,000 euro.
However if they were asking for help to fund a full time carer for when they get really bad the yes I would help.

They would be looking at 50k a year for a 5 day a week carer. I know, I’m looking for the same thing myself (but not for myself!). The state support is practically non-existent.

You can’t wheel a wheelchair through doors that are too narrow.

It is far, far cheaper to put in place a house where they can manage on their own most of the time. This is what the state will leave them to do.

I think the bad taste sarcastic jokes highlight just how disgusting bailing out builders would be.

Changes to a home that allow ill people to go about there lives and independantly as possible while retaining some shred of dignity should not be mocked.

The kind of changes they are talking about would make a huge improvement to the quality of life to a disabled person and should be a right in this day and age not a luxuary.

I am not suprised that the changes could cost 40,000. Also unless you have been in their home I doubt you can comment on how wide there doors are and that they def can fit a wheel chair through them…

My mother is a nurse who managed a school for the physically and mentally handicapped. I grew up helping out here and there and when I tunred 18 did a little respite care over the odd holiday to help pay for college.

I am no mother teresa but I have experienced first hand the challanges of caring for people with physical handicap and how much difference the changes the couple want to make to their home will make to the quailty of life of a disabled person. Im sure there are others here who have familty memebers who are in the same boat or have worked in health care and can say the same.

Our Irish attitude of “ah sure thats crazy money, why can’t they shit in a bucket instead” nicely comes to the fore in your post.
We are a nation of miserable cheap cunts who know the price of everything and the value of nothing: and we get the government, the roads, the railway network and the healthcare we deserve because of it.

Well said.

My heart goes out to that family, they are in a dreadful place right now.

x2 uberpixiel. :cry:

Each year there are over 19,000 new cancer cases in Ireland. If each one of these represents a family, and each one needs their house renovated then we have at last found the solution to the economy and employment for all the out of work builders!
I myself would happily pay more taxes for a decent free national health care system and fair social welfare system that would provide care for those (like that couple) who require it!

True we would have to increase tax greatly to provide better services.

However if we give the government more money, will they actually spend it and imporve the services we want?
We just had several years of bumper tax yields and yet somehow very little to show for it…

Well let’s not forget that all TDs are now on a six figure base minimum. ‘Public representatives’ indeed. Hopefully the current economic turmoil will not be too troublesome as they prepare to bail out their developer friends with taxpayer’s money after their 8 weeks off.