Illegal evictions up 39% - Threshold

As a matter of public safety it must be known how many Garda are landlords.



In the real world if a tenant isn’t paying their rent then they will be evicted.

Like any other service provider

what does a landlord do? Jeopardise their own family’s home and financial security by allowing rent to remain unpaid while they wait for the residential tenancies board to deal with the case or serving notice on the tenant who then trashes the property and has no means and is therefore not worth pursuing

Perhaps you missed the bit in the article that said:

“in the majority of cases, the tenant was not in breach of their obligations.”


It’s a risk associated with the business that has to be factored in. If they haven’t fully understood these risks then it is their fault for jeopardising their family’s financial secuirty.

What’s a business owner to do? Risk his financial security by leaving his invoices unpaid? Obviously the thing to do is to send a couple of lads around and collect on the debt.

Nope but if somebody isn’t paying you then you pull all existing services which is what the landlord is doing. If you don’t pay phone bill, cable TV, gym membership, electricity, gas then they will cut you off.

Maybe you have reading comprehension problems, so I’ll reply to you a second time.

Perhaps you missed the bit in the article that said:

“in the majority of cases, the tenant was not in breach of their obligations.”


So in a market with collapsing rents, loads of empty properties for rent, landlords are just kicking out tenants for no reason.

Riiiight. I believe Threshold. :angry:

So this information doesn’t fit with your world view so you question its validity. Kinda like taking your ball and going home when you’ve been beaten :angry:

Yes, you’re right. Rather than believe a 41-year old public body who no doubt can back up their statistic, I should instead take the word of an anonymous bloke on the Internet. An anonymous bloke who told us that taxpayers being objecting to millionaire developers being bailed out are “begrudgers” no less.

Christ, the sooner I emigrate and get away from &(&(*&(&s like you the better.


Wouldn’t it make sense to wait for someone, anyone, authoritative representing landlords to make a counter claim instead of reflexively assuming Threshold **must **be wrong/lying?

Threshold is a lobby group for disadvantated tenants. From the website “Threshold was founded in 1978 and is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to secure a right to housing, particularly for households experiencing the problems of poverty and exclusion.”

It is therefore not an independent 41 year old public body.

It is not about believing me, it is about accepting that it is counter intuitive that landlords are kicking out tenants for no reason in a market where rents are falling and there are loads of empties.

Good luck with the emigration - do you need a visa for Utopia?

Read it again.

Data is from 2008 and then they give the reasons why these reasonable landlords are kicking tenants out, namely tax dodging and refusal to maintain their dwellings.

And the law is the law, if you don’t like it then get out of the game.

Whenever I’m feeling a bit down I go and open up the latest PTRB judgements on illegal evictions. Always puts a smile on my face. Makes you almost wish for a dodgy landlord at times.

Threshold provide advice for landlords also, for what it is worth.

To be perfectly honest, I would have more faith in Threshold’s figures regards this matter than I would in the PRTB’s figures if only because the PRTB is so slow moving. On balance, my view is that some landlords in this country leave a lot to be desired in terms of understanding their obligations. Threshold’s figures do not surprise me.

The lack of security for tenants has contributed to the hysterical price rises in house prices that created the bubble.

In other countries with a mature rental market, rent increases are limited by inflation. In Ireland it was whatever the landlord decided. Effectively tenants were discouraged from making any improvements - or even maintenance as they could never be sure that they would get the benefit. No wonder there are so many overgrown gardens filled with weeds.
No sign of any improvement on the horizon. Bring back the land league.